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A Sixtieth Year (and a Conference, too) for NACE!: Page 2 of 4


Kicking off the conference was Cyndie Spiegel with a deeply motivating talk that encouraged attendees to shift their mindsets around how true collaboration works, why men and women think differently about competition, and how we define ourselves as individuals by defining ourselves in opposition to each other. “Rivalry keeps us on our toes,” Spiegel said. “Seek out people who are better and different than you and learn from them!” And remember, “There is plenty of everything for everyone. Just allow your business to be authentically you, because no one can copy that.”

Cyndie Spiegel in her keynote. Photo courtesy Rand Larson, Morningstar Productions

Later in the day, Rachel Sheerin offered a high energy discussion about workplace burnout, how to identify it, and how to give yourself a fresh injection of joy.

CEO/Creative Director David Merrell of AOO Events covered event design trends as they relate to fashion, interior design, technology, and food & beverage. Photo courtesy Rand Larson, Morningstar Productions

Day 2 Lunch keynote Julius Solaris discussed key trends changing the way events are planned including his acronym, FIRE (Flawless execution, ideas, relevance, and engagement). Photo courtesy Rand Larson, Morningstar Productions