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Technology Lights Up Any Holiday Event

Attending the office Christmas party or a neighbor’s holiday gathering may be one person’s idea of fun. But for others, it can be a social nightmare. Familiar faces with uncomfortable chatter and a realization that we know nothing about our colleague or neighbor may leave us in a cold sweat. Despite it being cliché, talking about the weather or football game we watched last week becomes the saving grace. There must be something more than this to entertaining guests! What could possibly break the ice, change direction of dull conversation, and truly make special events memorable?

“It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone has forgotten.”

—Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief, Vogue (The Telegraph from a 2011 article in The Business of Fashion)

Technology, interactive technology to be precise

Sound systems, DJs, and wifi are commonplace, so think outside the box… or look in the box, if certain technology requires.

Photo courtesy of NACE

3D projection & mapping

3D projection and mapping are perfect for those with a large budget who want to impress. There is a definite ‘wow’ factor involved in projecting static or animated digital media on to just about any surface conceivable. Instead of being constrained by traditional flat screens, imagine 3D images projected onto buildings, statues, monuments or even water.   

Photo courtesy of NACE

Glow show

Glow Show combines choreographed dance or circus acts with high tech light emitting technology. Not only will guests be entertained, they will also have a great photo opportunity to share on social media. If your event requires a theme, why not combine Glow Show with glowing cocktails and fluorescent light, which will make bright colored plates pop with radiance.

Photo courtesy of NACE

Open air photo booths

The latest craze for any party or event is the open-air photo booth. Booth is actually a misnomer, as this machine looks more like a humongous cell phone or a portable photo studio. Companies will often provide an assistant to guide your guests on how to use the device, along with backdrops, props, slow-motion video, and custom framing.

Photo courtesy of NACE

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality headsets can be very popular at some events, but it is best to keep these devices to a minimum. Otherwise, you risk having a room full of people aimlessly bumping into each other and not communicating. Technology and human interaction are the keys to a successful event, rather than virtual alienation.

Social media walls

Everybody wants to be a star, or in this case, a marketing expert. What better way to publicize an event than having your guests do it for you? Projecting social media, such as a Facebook page, onto a wall allows guests to enjoy posting photos and capturing events in real time. Not only will they see themselves on a big screen, the rest of the world will too!

Let the imagination run wild when planning the ultimate event. It may come as a pleasant surprise that there are companies out there that will fill in the gaps with technology.

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