2018 Wedding Trends to Watch: Unique is Chic

A wedding celebrates a unique bond between a couple, a feeling and commitment between two people which cannot be replicated—even if millions experience love and choose to share their lives with their partner, no two experiences of love are the same. No two experiences of standing in front of friends and family, saying vows, and committing to one another are the same either.

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Since joining The Driskill’s events team as a Wedding Specialist, I’ve seen an increasing number of couples who want to share their unique experience with guests. From interactive meal stations to cigar and whiskey bars; from vintage generational dresses to customized Snapchat filters; we are seeing couples find incredible ways to make their nuptials unique and experiential.

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Emerging venue trend: Unique venues, elevated undone elegance

‘Country Chic’ is a theme the wedding industry is seeing less of as of late. Instead, couples are opting for a space that speaks to their relationship. They are opting for unique indoor spaces, such as a museum or library. Planning a wedding is time consuming and unless you live the DIY life, individually securing all of the components for a full-service wedding without assistance from a venue (as in venue-only) can add a significant financial and time investment. We see an increasing number of couples seeking the same relaxed element for their weddings, but in an elevated manner.

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Floral trend: Vibrant colors, suspended arrangements

The Pantone Color of the Year tends to significantly impact the wedding color palette trends for that year as well. The 2017 winning color, Greenery, was seen down the head table via table runner, for example, and throughout a wedding; focusing less on the actual flowers.

For several years, nudes, whites and pastels were at the forefront of bridal color palettes. While we did see a lot of those incorporated into greenery and other arrangements this year, we are seeing that take a backseat to deeper, more vibrant colors. With ultra violet as the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, we expect to see deeper, richer hues incorporated into floral arrangements.

We are also seeing a lot of arrangements suspended over the head table, rather than as table centerpieces. Suspending the décor over the head table provides more table space and ensures the head table is the focal point of the room. We anticipate seeing more creative ways of incorporating suspended décor.

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Continuing trend: Catering to social media

Everything is an Instagram moment, and everyone wants to capture the experience of a wonderful wedding. From having a hashtag to a custom Snapchat filter, everything is documented and put out for couples to later reminisce. Other ways social media continues to take center stage? Photo booths and an heirloom dress.

Photo booths now have the ability to auto-upload to Facebook, allowing users to share to their timeline in real-time.

Heirloom dresses are returning as well, creating an exciting experience for the family leading up to the wedding day, and a great visual and social media story after. Considering we are a hotel that takes pride in tradition, wearing a wedding dress that is a family heirloom is sacred and creates an exciting moment for all.

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F&B trend: Interactive stations

Interactive stations are huge. It’s all about creating an exclusive experience for your guests. Plated meals and personalized service will always be a staple, but many are opting for stations to get the guests up and moving. With stations, you have a lot of lounge seating mixed with highboys and tables to keep everything very social. We love stations that are personal to the guests, such as an avocado station if they are from down South, or a big dessert display from the East Coast.

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For beverage trends, we are seeing varying trends between women and men. We have accomplished some amazing rosé or champagne bars for the ladies and some beer bars, cigar bars or whiskey lounges for the groomsmen. We stamp their monogram on huge ice balls to accent a nice whiskey cocktail, giving it a personal and unique touch. Both Austin and statewide beers are very popular with everyone proud to show off their local brew. We have an abundance of creative and delicious beers from local breweries, working with local vendors is something The Driskill takes great pride in and places huge value to.

Trend turned staple: Late night snacks

The trend of late-night snacks emerged many years ago, has stuck around and we hope it doesn’t leave! The late night snacks have definitely evolved from the typical cheese pizza to exciting items such as chicken and waffles or a custom popcorn bar. Late night snacks tend to be customized to the couple. Maybe they met over a burger and milkshake, sparking a desire to have servers pass sliders and mini chocolate ice cream shakes throughout the night. Late night snacks allow couples to bring out their inner child and have some guilty pleasures.

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Kristin Prindle

Event Sales Manager/Wedding Specialist, The Driskill

A Certified Meeting Professional and a Hyatt certified Wedding Specialist, Kristin brings not only quantifiable expertise but also an undeniable passion for the industry. She knew she wanted to be a part of this meaningful profession during her first college internship in Chicago. “I took the train and a bus to get to an unpaid internship every day and was in love,” Kristin says. Her love for the industry combined with a strong dedication to her clients, commitment to detail, and extensive behind-the-scenes organization helps ensure each wedding or special event at The Driskill is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

She approaches weddings from the truly held belief that the entire wedding experience should be stress-...