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Stationery & Branding Design Trends for 2021

With many events having been pushed from 2020, people are enthusiastically diving headfirst into all things design with guest experience topping the list of priorities for 2021 events.

Photo courtesy Celine Kim Photography for Jordan Kentris, A Good Day

But, the guest experience is not just about having fun onsite—rather, it’s a fully immersive means to surprise and delight guests through a branded journey from event announcement to completion. What does this look like? Event branding typically includes monograms, signature design elements, and a cohesive design vision throughout all aspects produced for an event. Simply put, it’s what sets apart an event from all the rest.

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Event branding is a personalization layer that goes beyond putting a guest’s name on a printed card. Instead, it’s a pairing between branding and stationery that weaves in colors, textures, and design cues carried throughout the event experience, from save-the-dates to menus to thank you cards.

Photo courtesy Oana Foto for Jordan Kentris, A Good Day

We see new branding and stationery trends arise each year, and it seems that we have quite a colorful year in store for us. Here’s what to expect.

Bold hues

Color has been at the top of mind for many clients as they plan their 2021 events. Bright, saturated colors have been popping up, with bold hues like emerald green, sky blue, persimmon, and fuchsia making a splash. For many, 2021 feels like a year for celebration and revitalization, so they seek vibrant shades that breathe life into neutral-colored accents. This is notably captured in Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray, which can be paired to create stunning contrasts in tone and texture within event design.

Photo courtesy Oana Foto for Jordan Kentris, A Good Day

Sustainable textures 

Eco-conscious stationery has been on the rise in recent years and we’ll see this trend come to a head in 2021, as people become more mindful of the waste produced when hosting events. Plantable invitations—as in seeded paper that can later be planted—are making a comeback due to their zero-waste nature. Similarly, boxed invitations are also a popular choice as guests can reuse the boxes for keepsakes after the event has passed. 

Photo courtesy Jeremie Barlow Photography for Gretchen Culver, Rocket Science Events

Meaningful design

In 2021, people expect to bring more meaning and purpose to their paper goods. It’s no longer about sending invitations just to convey information; stationery has become a key aspect of an event’s overall branding and design, so clients are being intentional about their paper goods’ style and mood. Stationery can create a sensory, tactile experience and people are taking that advantage to kick off the event experience and give guests an inkling of what they can anticipate.

Photo courtesy Jessica Hunt Photography for Leah Weinberg, Color Pop Events

Virtual meets physical

While 2020 was the year of virtual events, we won’t see that go away so soon in 2021. Many people will choose to host some aspect of virtual within their celebrations for those unable to travel or attend in person. Still, guests who are invited to a virtual event can have a branded event experience through physical invitations and gifting. Sending a box of goods for faraway attendees to enjoy the day of the event provides a heightened sense of inclusion and is a personal touch that truly goes the extra mile.

Photo courtesy Richard Emmanuel Photography & Video for Jordan Kentris, A Good Day

Consider the five senses as you build out the design elements that will bring your event to life, factoring in how guests will experience each piece as they interact with it. When you create a brand for an event that truly represents the host, you invite each guest into that world and provide them with an experience they’ll never forget.  

Photo courtesy Charla Storey for Jordan Kentris, A Good Day


Jordan Kentris

Owner, A Good Day

Jordan Kentris is the founder and owner of A Good Day (, a boutique design firm that creates one-of-a-kind stationery, establishing unique brands for each and every event. He was recently recognized by BizBash as one of the Most Innovative People in 2020 for his creative, holistic approach to virtual events.