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The Benefits of Being Number Two with Christina Matteucci

Christina shares how she became the Executive Director for David Beahm Design. How she learned to improve communication within the company and how they have survived and grown through the ups and downs of a successful event company.

So, You Want To Write A Book? with Jennie Cook

Books are a natural segue for caterers who are already used to having to write out menus and proposal. How to structure the book around a theme, type of cooking style, a time in your career or place. How long does the process take? And of...

Turning Your Data Into Action with Christie Osborne

For many event pros, working with their numbers causes their eyes to glaze over. Christie simplifies the notion of data evaluation with uncomplicated, practicable tips for getting the most out of your numbers. She'll go beyond "


Rethink your staffing strategy with Cathy Hardin

Cathy shares practical ways to better manage new worker expectations, quickly and efficiently train new staff, and leverage technology to better match their business needs with skilled and reliable staff in order to combat ongoing...

Control Your Costs! with Dean Mistretta

Food costs, beverage costs, vendor costs, payroll, inventory, and equipment management (just to name a few) can get out of control without you even knowing. It's all about the numbers. Numbers don't lie. Emotions do.