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A true cocktail chemist

Jeremy Miner is the founder of The Cocktail Chemist and co-founder/director of operations and innovation of Empyrean Events and Catering. With over 22 years of experience in the hospitality, Jeremy is “THAT” guy with a wealth of knowledge and experiences that have led him to the forefront of the cocktailing industry.

Jeremy Miner, working his magic on "Mumbling Mehmed"—see recipe below.

Winner of the 2018 Swizzle competition, Jeremy will be on the judge’s side of the table this year, as well as onstage at Catersource teaching Beyond the Specialty Drink, Current Bar Trends

At Catersource 2019, Jeremy shook up three cocktails that delighted our judges. Here’s a look at his delicious efforts. 

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The Italian Cousin

Bourbon recipes are always tough for me, says Miner—only in the way that it’s hard to complement a bourbon’s flavor, as it’s so good on its own. In this cocktail, the pairing of the earthy sweetness of the walnut preserve and saba and bourbon harmonizes the vanilla and cinnamon of some aged bourbons with the Carpano, adding a depth of bitterness and herbal. 

The yuzu rounds it all out giving enough acidity to reduce the sweetness of the drink.


2 oz bourbon
1 oz yuzu juice
1 oz walnut cane preserve syrup
½ oz Carpano Antica
½ oz Saba (cooked grape must reduction)


Serve on the rocks or up with brûlée’d slivers of preserved walnuts.

Swizzle 2020!

Ready to watch our caterer/bartender contestants shake cocktails on the Catersource tradeshow floor? Want a little cocktail (and mocktail) R&D to take home to your own business? Join us at the Culinary & Competition stage on the Catersource tradeshow floor, Wednesday, March 11 at 2:45 in the afternoon for a spirited competition with recipe takeaways!

You’re My Butterfly

This drink takes the mimosa to a whole new level, says Miner. One challenge of this drink is the viscosity (or mouth feel) it has. This would also likely make an amazing sorbet. This is a classic catering recipe that has depth, presentation, flavor, and of course...speed. A refreshing cocktail that has eye-pop appeal with its vibrant colors.

"You're My Butterfly"


2oz vodka
2oz mango mixture
1oz butterfly tea syrup
1/4oz ginger drinking vinegar


Pour butterfly tea syrup into bottom of stemless martini glass. Mix together vodka and mango and shake until ice crystals form. Pour into glass and top with vinegar. Garnish with purple micro flowers.

Ingredients: ManGo Mixture

300g Rav mango purée
300g Toad Hollow Risqué Wine
200g clarified lime juice
100g clarified lemon juice
500g simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water)
2g mint (leaves only, bruise leaves and cold infuse for 4 hours.
2g Himalayan pink salt


Strain through cheesecloth overnight in cooler or run through a centrifuge 250mL at a time for 60-minute intervals.

Ingredients: Butterfly Tea Syrup

2,000g distilled water
25g dried butterfly pea flowers
10.5g green tea (heavy floral and citrus notes)
1,720g organic cane sugar


Bring water and butterfly flowers to a boil. Remove from heat and add in green tea and steep for 20 minutes. Strain and add tea back into sauce pot, add in sugar and bring to a boil then remove from heat. Let cool and store in bottle.

Mumbling Mehmed II

Mehmed II the Conqueror ruled the Ottoman Empire for 32 of his 49 years of life in the 15th century. This drink represents his rule, a delicate balance of fierce middle eastern spice and flavor that is bold and aggressive while a beautiful depth and complexity play across the palate softening the edges of the alcohol. Each sip will bring a new combination of flavors from spiced honied dates to a refreshing citrus green fruit. To add another layer of depth, this cocktail would be good for cold smoking as well. The use of the laser introduces an intensified caramelized orange essence into the aromatics of the cocktail along with a vibrant presentation value.


2 oz gin
1 oz Honey Rose Syrup (see recipe below)
½ oz Fernet-Branca
½ oz Clarified Lime Juice (see recipe below)
10 drops Belladona


Stir in mixing glass for 20–30 seconds. Strain and serve up.

Garnish with caramelized orange peel in glass...laser optional.


Ingredients: Honey Rose Syrup

1000g water
400g orange blossom honey
60g rose hips
6g toasted pink peppercorns
1g saffron


Add water to a saucepan with peppercorns and rose hips and bring to boil. Remove from heat, add in saffron and let steep for 20 minutes. Strain water then pour back into sauce pot on low heat. Add honey and stir until dissolved. Remove from heat, bottle, and keep chilled.

Clarified Lime Juice

Yield 420g

542g lime juice run through cheese cloth and let slow strain overnight in cooler.

Kathleen Stoehr

Kathleen Stoehr is the Director of Community & Content Strategy for Informa Connect | Catersource and Special Events magazines, including all digital content for both websites and e-newsletter products. She also vets, hires, guides and coordinates all live education at Catersource Conference & Tradeshow, Art of Catering Food, Leading Caterers of America Executive Summit, and bridge content at The Special Event.