First time Exhibitor? Here’s Our Guide to Essential Exhibition Services You’ll Need to Succeed

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May 09, 2017

Exhibition marketing is a very popular method of gaining valuable face-to-face time with potential customers. Spending on trade shows and exhibitions has grown by more than six percent over the course of the past year, according to Outsells’ Annual Advertising and Marketing Study.

However, despite this overall increase in spending, many companies attend trade shows on a fairly tight budget. With this in mind, we have compiled a guide to essential exhibition services that you will need in order to succeed, with a little help with some photographs from the recent Catersource tradeshow, March 2017, for visual reference.

A variety of horizontal surfaces with room for movement allow attendees to handle and assess product easily.

1. Booth design
The most obvious of the exhibition services you will need is the right booth designer to craft the booth you need to show your products and services most effectively. If you are watching your budget, it may make sense to opt for a modular booth, rather than a bespoke design. You will also need graphic design services at some juncture during the design stage, so ensure that your exhibition booth company can provide a solution that includes these crucial elements.

Carpeting placed underfoot helps with standing for prolonged periods of time. Note the overhead signage, how it commands the space, and how well it can be seen from a distance.

2. Transportation
Of course, having a great booth is paramount, but you need to consider how you are going to get it to the venue. If you are working with an event company, it is likely they will offer their own transportation services, which may be worth the expense. Alternatively, depending on the booth structure and size, you may be able to transport it yourself. Don’t forget that there may be drayage fees to transport the booth into the building.

A combination of vertical and horizontal elements catch the eye and pull attendees in for a closer look.

3. Booth builders
Once the stand is there, you will need to assemble it. If you are using a very simple modular design, your own team might be able to do this with the help of outsourced installers. Yet, in the majority of cases, you will need professional assistance; especially if there are complicated electrical and graphic elements to install. Ideally, the company chosen to design your booth should also install it, as this will make the process a lot smoother and limit the many last minute problems that can occur.

Sampling product from your booth is always appropriate. Will you offer it as self-served or will you have staff on hand to monitor distribution of samples? As you plan, be sure to check with show management for approval and for information on local health code regulations. 

4. Professional printing
Next, you should consider the literature you will need to produce, and then budget in print services. Consider that you may need business cards, catalogues, brochures and/or leaflets, and even gift bags or other incentive takeaways. Remember, attendees will be swamped with literature from other companies, so yours needs to make an impact.

A simpler booth with a horizontal display of colorful products allows this company to set up and break down quickly while still focusing on providing its core product in a user-friendly manner.

5. Other services and thoughts
Finally, you need to consider some of the extra little services that you may require. Do you need special lighting? Are you going to invest in a team uniform? Where will you store your booth before and after the event? Will you provide food and drinks during exhibiting hours and if so, will you need a dedicated staff to accomplish this? How are you keeping your food or beverage at the proper temperature for safety and optimal flavor? Asking yourself these questions can help to ensure you don't miss anything.

Reno Macri is a founder and director of a leading exhibition and event company in the UK, Enigma Visual Solutions, specializing in retail designs, interiors, graphic productions, signage systems, modular design, event branding, exhibition stands design and much more. He specializes in experiential marketing and event productions. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on upcoming marketing ideas and design trends. Feel free to follow him on twitter.

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