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Bohemian Weddings: How to Have a Fairy Tale?

Despite the many options when planning a wedding, the bohemian theme is among the most popular. A bohemian–or “boho”–wedding is a decision made by a couple who already wants to avoid everything traditional; a couple who would set being romantic, vintage, having a natural setting, and simple or rustic decoration as a key to their hearts.  

Photo courtesy Isabelle Marinier

In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know about planning a bohemian wedding, so your clients can have a fairy tale to remember for the rest of their lives. 

Boho style. Where does it come from?

Bohemian is a counterculture that emerged at the end of the 18th Century during the French Revolution. It started with French artists, writers, and creatives, who were free in mind, body, and soul.

The Bohemians lived in a context of poverty back then, so the artists started wearing old and used clothes. They wanted to dress like nomadic gypsies, who came from a region called Bohemia hence the name. Bohemians were associated with simple living and were inspired by natural and rustic elements. 

Boho wedding theme types 

When your clients are choosing a theme for their wedding, it reflects their identity, couple style, and love story. A bohemian theme promotes unique individuality, everything from the venue and wedding decoration to the flowers and music. While some think bohemian weddings are limited in themes, that’s not true because you have infinite options when planning a bohemian wedding.

Compared to other popular wedding themes today, the bohemian theme allows more space for freedom of expression; it’s your clients’ day and it should express them. Of course, there are different types of boho wedding themes. Nevertheless, they are all creative, simple, relaxing, and unworldly. 

Below are the four basic themes of bohemian weddings: 

Vintage bohemian wedding 

By adding a vintage touch to your clients' bohemian wedding, your clients and their guests are going to enjoy a fairy-tale-like wedding. Vintage is forever in style, whether it comes to music, decoration, or even the wedding vehicle.

Creating vintage wedding elements can actually be budget-friendly, since It is a great way to reuse or recycle items you, your clients, their friends, or even fellow members of the industry already have. It is actualizing the phrase “something old, something borrowed.” Like, blackboard and chalk, candles, napkins, and laces. In brief, you get two birds stoned at once with inexpensive classic décor items. And don't forget to incorporate charming tablescapes and centerpieces that evoke nostalgia. 

Romantic bohemian wedding 

A boho wedding theme is perfect for bringing romance to the surface. Color choices with dusty pink, ivory white, and soft red will add this mystic, dreamy touch to the atmosphere. Rustic elements can go hand-in-hand with the bouquet, such as dried flowers that look heart-melting. Moreover, dried wheat stalks can be used for table decoration, creating enchanting centerpieces. 

Photo courtesy Isabelle Marinier

Upping the romanticism is lighting. When lighting is perfectly positioned, you can create a dreamy halo– and maybe some lit candles scattered around would sparkle things up. 

Beach bohemian wedding 

Since the bohemian trend is based on the idea of being calm, relaxed, and free, what would be more suitable than a beach boho wedding party? A group of close friends watching a lovely couple tying the knot during the sunset is priceless.

Add to that, 50% of the decoration exists naturally, and you do not need to add to the view. Can you imagine your clients’ loved ones gathered around a bonfire with the melody of a guitar being played in the background? It is definitely how great memories are made!

Obviously you can’t forget about tablescapes and centerpieces, which are among the important aspects to highlight your clients’ wedding decor style. Here consider using natural elements like seashells, driftwood, and sand as part of the decor. You can create beach-inspired centerpieces using clear glass vases filled with sand, seashells, and vibrant tropical flowers. Add touches of blue and turquoise to represent the ocean, and incorporate woven textures like raffia or jute for a bohemian touch.  

Desert bohemian wedding 

Even though it seems quite the opposite of a setting for a wedding, a desert is a romantic source of inspiration for boho-themed weddings. The wild beauty is pretty much liberating. Cacti, for example, can be more than just a backdrop; they can be included in floral arrangements.

Saying “I do” in the middle of nowhere–though a bit scary–sounds like a great adventure starter. Color options are open here between bald and colorful or warm and dusky.

When it comes to tablescapes and centerpieces for a desert bohemian wedding, embrace the natural beauty of the desert landscape. Incorporate succulents, cacti, and desert flowers like desert marigolds or desert lilies to match it with the overall theme. Using terracotta pots, wooden crates, and sand to create rustic and earthy centerpieces will help to blend harmoniously with the surroundings. Your clients will definitely appreciate your mindfull decision to  include desert-inspired motifs such as desert landscapes, desert flowers, or geometric patterns inspired by Native American art. Consider using textured paper or incorporating natural elements like twine or feathers for an authentic bohemian touch.

As for the buffet set-ups, try something non-ordinary. For instance, the mix of Middle Eastern and Southwest flavors, with dishes like mezze platters, grilled kebabs, and spiced couscous can be a great choice. You can also incorporate wooden serving boards, terracotta bowls, and copper accents to add a touch of rustic elegance to the buffet spread. 

How to plan a boho wedding? 

To better understand planning a boho wedding, we should have a deeper understanding of the term. It expresses a liberal lifestyle outside the conventional social limits. We should reconsider all the wedding elements to align with this theme’s principle when it comes to weddings.

Elements of decoration, for example, have to be humble, not sophisticated. On the one hand, pampas grass is reasonably priced, while gardenias are quite expensive. So, choosing pampas grass for decoration serves the rustic element and boho values as well, not to mention that bohemian style originated from folk indie and alternative music. In short, bohemian is a full package trend. 

Help your clients choose a boho-style wedding dress and accessories

Why settle for anything less than perfection on your client's dream day?

When it comes to planning a bohemian wedding, fulfilling the dreams of the bride and groom is paramount. The bridal look and style hold significant importance, as it sets the tone for the entire event.

When selecting a wedding gown, suggest the elegance and comfort of a boho-inspired dress. Boho wedding dresses are often loose, flowy, and easy to move around with. Nevertheless, you have a great collection of boho-inspired dresses to choose from.

Whether your client chooses off-the-shoulder, backless, with lots of lace or minimal tulle layers, you can still find "the desired dress." Bohemian wedding dresses allow for more freedom and a variety of options when picking the perfect dress for your memorable day.

Once you are done with the wedding dress, it is time to think about boho bridal accessories that can smoothly compliment your clients' bridal look. A simple veil, boots or flats, or even colorful accessories are options for your clients to consider. Last but not least, boho engagement rings, which are symbols of the relationship they represent. The boho style also grants the groom more space. Grooms do not have to look formal, the point is to embrace a style that makes them feel comfortable and expresses their character. Suspenders, converse, hats, and pocket watches are all okay.

Each boho engagement ring can tell a story of love with vintage vibes, earthy designs, or even a custom-made engagement ring that is outside the box! While many would go for fancy rings with cut diamonds and shiny gold, a boho engagement ring is chic, unexpected, and represents the person wearing it.

Choose the right boho-themed venue 

In most cases, the venue choice is not easy, especially if your clients wamt tp have two seperate venues for the ceremony and the reception. Feel free to have an unusual venue. Think a ranch, a farm, a vineyard, a backyardt, or event a fruit orchard.

Photo courtesy Isabelle Marinier

Match the wedding color palettes to the venue 

Matching the venue to the color palettes is an essential decoration element. In addition to the great sense of freedom, the boho theme allows colors that can play a vital role in highlighting the values, principles, and aesthetics presented. Bald options are out there: burgundy, metallic coral and copper, or even green are all possibilities. 

Use boho-themed decoration 

You can go as creative as you want. Bohemian wedding decoration should reflect a woodland fairytale book: wooden arches, ethnic carpets, macramé backdrops, and seasonal local flowers are all available, affordable, and artistic.

Remember that you should always try to capture the boho spirit. Incorporate elements like feathers, ribbons, or wax seals to add a touch of rustic charm to the wedding invitations, menus, and place cards. 

Photo courtesy Isabelle Marinier

Create enchanting tablescapes by combining rustic elements with bohemian accents. Start with wooden tables or vintage-inspired furniture as a base. Adorn the tables with flowing, textured linens in earthy tones or vibrant jewel colors. Layer the table with mismatched vintage plates, colorful glassware, and antique silverware for a bohemian eclectic look.

Don’t forget about the seasonal local wild flowers like daisies, sunflowers, or any other blooms that evoke a natural bohemian vibe. Arrange them in vintage bottles, mason jars, and add some greenery for perfection.

Remember, the key to boho-themed decorations is to embrace a mix of textures, colors, and natural elements.  

In conclusion 

Do not miss the chance to give your clients the wedding of their dreams. Consider the bohemian wedding theme if you have clients who are fans of vintage and romantic wedding parties with unusual venues. Your clients and their guests will enjoy the smallest details of colors, décor, and accessories.

Your clients’ big day will turn into a fairytale if you go boho. 


Breanna Howell

PR Specialist, Claremont Diamonds

Breanna Howell is the public relations specialist at Claremont Diamonds living her dream of promoting positive public awareness of the company. As a freelance blogger and mom of two millennials, she's also passionate about providing inspiration and support to everyone on their journey to a fantastic marriage.