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Trend Alert: Wild Florals

This year, floral arrangements are breaking the rules and running wild as couples seek out designs that are less-than-perfect but pack a lot of punch. The idea behind wild florals is to infuse an event’s design with character and personality beyond the standard buttoned-up bouquets and centerpieces that we see as picture-perfect.

The terms ‘wild’ covers everything from intentionally unruly floral placements to loud and proud color palettes — anything, really, that stands apart from what we consider “traditional.” 

Sarah Richardson, Creative Director of Leafy Couture elaborates: “Bold, wild, and unusual-shaped installations will be big in 2020. Couples are using spaces in wedding venues to fill with color and textures to add a wild, natural feel but using unusual color pops to add a wow factor.”

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how this trend will play out in 2020 celebrations.

Statement bouquets

You can’t consider wedding florals without starting with the bridal bouquet! In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of tight, manicured designs, particularly nosegays and round bouquets. These styles are making way for bigger and bolder styles like cascade bouquets.


Photo courtesy of Sunflower Photography,

“The time for long, daring bridal bouquets is here,” declares Oleta Collins, owner of Flourishing Art Design Studio. “Cascades are back! Bridal cascades and cressets are emerging, although the free-form style of bouquets has been in for quite a few years. Florists have begun to get creative with the mechanics of this sort of styling, using draping greenery and accent flowers to elevate what will be showcased during the ceremony.”

Less-than-perfect is more-than-OK

As we move away from the ultra-polished design, couples are looking for a little looseness to their arrangements. This could mean a wild, hand-tied arrangement or centerpieces with florals spilling out with abandon.

“There will be a major departure from perfection with florals,” confirms Joan Wyndrum, owner of Blooms by the Box. “Bouquets and centerpieces are not being left in their natural state with little to no trimming before placing them into an arrangement. This gives the couple’s flowers an overgrown, less-pruned look.”

Bold and beautiful colors

There are so many colors that happen naturally in the wild and, with this trend, we’re seeing floral arrangements capturing all of those vibrant hues. Magenta, goldenrod, orange, azure, and emerald — be prepared for a colorful year ahead.


Photo courtesy of Stephanie Yonce Photography

“While I love a classic neutral palette (and these will always be timeless and popular), I think we are going to see much more vibrant color palettes at weddings,” says Tyler Speier, owner of Tyler Speier Events. “I think we are going to see much more vibrant color palettes at weddings. Couples are bringing in lots of colors into their florals, from rainbow palettes to sunset palettes — the more color, the better!”

Goodbye to greenery overload

It’s time we bid adieu to greenery as a statement; it appears to be making its way back to a supporting role as flowers retake centerstage. This means less greenery garlands and hanging arrangements dripping in foliage, in favor of lush floral centerpieces and statement fixtures.

“I think we will see greenery continue to make its way out,” shares Ashley Greer, owner of Atelier Ashley Flowers. “This is especially as florists continue to dispel the myth that utilizing only greenery is a cheaper option for flowers. However, greenery will still have a place as we will see a move to the more traditional use of it mixed in floral arrangements.”

Kylie Carlson

Founder / CEO, The Wedding and Event Institute
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