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Trends for Your Early Holiday Planning

We realize summer is just getting started, and most of us aren’t even close to thinking about the holiday season. Yet every year, once September hits, so many of us in the event planning world begin to panic. For those forward-thinkers who want to lessen the amount of stress and even enjoy their own holiday season, selling events this far in advance just might pay dividends.

Maybe you’re REALLY not ready. That’s okay! We just wanted to share a few food and decor trends in case you wanted to stow away some creativity for later when you especially need it.

Culinary trends

From a culinary perspective, we worked with Katie Fleury, director of sales at Ridgewells Catering, who shared a trend she’s currently experimenting with.

For full-service parties, food and action stations are still hot! This goes for interactive experiences in general. “We love creating unique experiences as much as clients enjoy being a part of them,” Fleury says. “Action stations and mixologists open up a ton of great food and beverage possibilities, as well as opportunities for creative presentation, to engage guests and really enhance the event.”

Custom dessert wall built by Syzygy Events to display delicious creations from Ridgewells Catering pastry chefs and add an interactive element. Photo courtesy Ridgewells Catering

Incentives for off-day bookings

Have you considered offering price incentives for clients to book their full-service events on “off” days? Trying to get those Sundays and Mondays booked could prove to be beneficial.

“Most holiday parties are booked on the same dates every year within a two-week time period in December, which can be limiting in terms of resources and availability,” Fleury says. “We also heavily promote our seasonal holiday menu on social media for at-home parties and include fun perks such as a free Thanksgiving dinner giveaway.”

Nontraditional themes

Traditional holiday themes like Winter Wonderland have been on the decline over the more recent years. There has been a strong desire for more out-of-the-box ideas.

“Moroccan themes have been popular requests, and we’ve done some fabulously creative themes as well—such as an Alice in Wonderland garden party, a tropical chic holiday festival, and an Aspen lodge holiday soiree,” Fleury says.

Photo courtesy Ridgewells Catering

Décor trends

The ICA is pretty excited about some of the fun seasonal design trends they’ve been reading about lately. If you are fresh out of creative ideas, test a few of these:

More green, less red

Designers across the globe have been working with greener holiday packaging ideas. Many consumers have been concerned about environmental protection issues. Recyclable packaging has continued to see a high push. “Going green’’ is an attractive selling point for businesses in 2019.

Photo courtesy Ridgewells Catering

Light it up!

Lights, lights, and more lights! Yes, lights are a part of every holiday season, but this year, according to design experts, we’re going to start seeing ornaments lit up from within. Also, be on the lookout for gold lighting and wreaths with candles.

Vintage Christmas

Dreaming of a nostalgic Christmas? Us too! It’s time to break out those ornaments that have been passed down through generations. Adding rustic holiday decor or homemade ornaments to a tree or table is a great way to capture familiar traditions that never go out of style.

Nature’s inspirations

There’s something magical about the smell of pine and sight of natural greens. This holiday season, get ready to bring the outdoors in. Many designers are experimenting with tinsel and baubles and interspersing them with pinecones and twigs. This natural look will make guests feel especially warm and welcome.

Photo courtesy Ridgewells Catering

Modern Minimalism

This trend goes out to those who are feeling the simpler side of holiday design. It’s all about those clean lines and subtle touches. Matching ornaments using branches instead of a full tree and packages tied up with paper and string are simple yet lovely touches to a modern holiday season.

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