A Party Without Flowers? Never!

Who doesn’t love attending a fancy party with tables of elegant china, glassware, candles, and beautiful flower arrangements?

When a client wants a memorable tablescape, there’s one key decoration to bring all of the small details together—flowers. The floral piece in the middle or down the center of a table is the best way for a tablescape to stand out at a special event.

For every season comes a different choice of flowers and colors. As the selection of seasonal flowers change, your table can transform from ordinary to extraordinary any time of the year. For instance, if you want to put people in the holiday spirit for a Christmas party, start with festive florals like pine cones, sprigs of holly, or mistletoe to set the tone of your joyful theme. For a Hanukkah arrangement, focus on florals and colors like blue hydrangea and white lilies.

Florals can also be a great means of expression for the host. As you think of what you want for your client's centerpiece, the final product should be guaranteed to provide guests with a perfect conversation starter. The topic of flowers tends to bring energy to the table and as such, to the people around it. Whether the arrangement is high or low, any will be certain to invoke the ideal ambiance for your special event.

Your floral centerpiece is the final touch that brings your event to life. The aspect of flowers brings liveliness to the table by its aura of natural beauty from the outside. Don’t forget for your next gathering to add your special touch and personality within your florals.

Marcela Bogado is the Founder and Creative Director of Malleret Designs, Austin, TX.

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Marcela Bogado Dhar


Marcela Bogado Dhar is the founder of a luxury, floral, and event design company Malleret Designs, based in Austin, TX. Marcela thrives when coming up with fresh, creative ideas to bring a vision to life through the art of floral design. Truly an expert in her field, Marcela has executed hundreds of events for not only brides, but also social and corporate clients like Blanton Museum of Art and Thinkery.


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