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VR for Private Events: Why Event Planners are Embracing Virtual Reality Booths

How do you make your events more engaging, immersive, and unforgettable? What innovative new concepts are available, now, to impress your clientele? How about a little dose of reality? — Virtual Reality, that is.

Virtual Reality (VR) can technologically transport users to new worlds and experiences. When combined with clever branding, event planners can leverage VR to engage clients and create impressive and immersive branded experiences. Take a look at three primary reasons why event planners are increasingly incorporating VR into their activations—and why you should, too.

1. Truly immersive virtual reality is a thrilling experience that will leave guests near breathless. Ninety-nine percent of people have yet to experience high-end, immersive VR, but nearly everyone is eager to try it. Event planners understand that by bringing cutting-edge virtual reality experiences to their events, they are providing clients with a unique experience that they will remember long after the event has concluded. Why not set up a virtual reality booth and blow people’s minds?

2. Virtual reality booths are flexible and can be adapted to nearly any setting. Event planners have utilized VR in a wide variety of settings—tradeshows, corporate happy hours, wedding receptions, a welcome treat at the hotel check-in desk for out-of-town visitors, or as an invigorating experience in between sessions at a convention. Some event planners have even wowed out-of-town visitors with customized VR experiences that showcase the local geography and music of their city!

3. VR engages a crowd in a very untraditional way. Virtual reality is not only a blast for the person experiencing it, but it always draws a crowd of interested onlookers. People love watching the VR visitor swing their arms wildly while using their VR controllers, and often their hilarious reactions get uploaded to social media. Facebook and Snapchat are ideal platforms to capture these moments and share them with your coworkers and friends. The fact that VR creates engagement both physically and in the world of social media is a win-win for event planners and their clients.

Because VR is such a new and rapidly evolving technology, it is best to consult with experts that specialize in VR event activations to evaluate what the possibilities are and determine what experiences would be the best fit for a given event and audience. Do you want your guests to explore underwater worlds, create amazing 3D drawings, or battle alien spaceships? With VR, the only limitation is your imagination!

Devin Regan is the co-founder of VR NOLA, a rapidly growing virtual reality company providing VR services for events nationwide.

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Devin Regan


Devin Regan is the co-founder of VR NOLA, a rapidly growing virtual reality company providing VR services for events nationwide.