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2020 Design Trends to Get Excited About as We Navigate Rescheduled Events

Every year brings exciting new design trends to the industry and, with 2020 as the start of a new decade, it’s an extra thrilling time to see what’s in store for the months ahead. 

Unfortunately, we were thrown a curveball with COVID-19 and its subsequent cancellations and postponements. However, as many couples and clients have begun resuming the planning of their big day or unforgettable event, it’s our turn to guide them in the direction of what’s in and what’s out. All it takes is one look at any event-specific Pinterest board to see that today’s trends, while temporary, have a large influence on most clients’ event visions. 

While there are certainly some trends that carry over from year-to-year (here’s looking at you, greenery), it’s always fun to welcome new styles that will mix up what we’re seeing across the industry.

With that said, here are a few design trends to look out for in 2020 and beyond.

Color is king

In recent years, the all-white wedding was at the front of the scene with couples seeking the singular, minimalist white palette for a unique and fresh take on design. However, this look is taking a backseat to make way for bold, vibrant hues. 

Instead of the traditional white, ivory or cream wedding, colors will take the forefront in 2020. Photo courtesy Kaysha Weiner Photography.

Couples want show-stopping shades, whether in moderation amidst a neutral palette or taking centerstage as the focal point with complementary colors to create a gradient. Regardless, we’re seeing color over white this year and that goes for all design elements, from linens to signage to lighting.

A twist on traditional blooms

We’ve been seeing an uptick in couples requesting more of an avant-garde color palette for the big day, which plays heavily into floral design. For this, we typically utilize more dyed and painted flowers and foliage to incorporate the abstract look desired. 

Utilizing more dyed and painted flowers and foliage helps incorporate an abstract look. Photo courtesy Mike B Photography.

While this can be a bit more expensive than incorporating blooms with their natural color, it opens up a major opportunity to experiment with creativity. Dyeing, bleaching, drying, or painting florals are great ways to create an abstract arrangement that can be a new, chic twist on a classically-themed wedding.

Creative luxury

Couples are always looking for luxury and extravagance in their wedding design, but now they’re seeking it in smarter and more creative ways. Today’s couples want to add an outside-the-box perspective on typically traditional designs, oftentimes turning to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. 

We’re seeing this play out as unique color palettes (mentioned above) and innovative, eye-catching structures. For example, creating a garden feel for a ceremony with trailing, grounded florals to line the aisle is one way to transport guests and evoke an otherworldly feeling.

It’s worth noting that all of these trends can—and should—be adapted based on your client’s preferences and the canvas that they provide you. For example, a venue with an existing décor scheme of brown, gold, and blush pink hues can easily clash with a vision of bold jewel tones. Take a look at how you can build upon existing décor or suggest that you create as much of a blank canvas as possible, if their budget allows. Additionally, most people don’t necessarily understand how lighting, photography, and photo editing play major parts in the ‘aesthetic’ of a photo they’re looking to replicate, so make sure you’re transparent when communicating this.

It should also be said that with the onslaught of these postponed events, we’ll also see some major adjustments with venues and vendors alike adhering to health and safety protocol. Make sure that you and your client are prepared to be flexible if needed when it comes to design!

Incorporating current design trends can certainly be an instrumental part in a client’s satisfaction, but you should be prepared to adjust, refine, and adapt these styles based on the parameters you’re given – especially when considering any adjustments that COVID-19 will require. Plus, it’s an excellent way to get creative and give your own take on a popular trend for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. 


Eddie Zaratsian

Owner, Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design

Eddie Zarastian is the visionary behind Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design, a full-service event design and production studio based in Los Angeles, California. With over 25 years of experience, Eddie’s creativity and passion is evident in every aspect of his work, and his ability to imagine and actualize events is unparalleled. Named as one of the top five international florists by the London Financial Times, Zaratsian has built a reputation as a visionary artist, and his work has been celebrated and featured by Martha Stewart, Harper's Bazaar, Grace Ormonde, E! News and Glamour, among others. Now, through guest lectures and classes...