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Keys of Abundance to Push Your Business Forward

Have you been feeling like your catering business has gone stagnant? Sure, the wedding & events boom has been keeping your team busy. The clients are there and the revenue is coming in, but the excitement and vitality in your company is gone. Zilch. Nada. Nowhere to be found, despite the apparent successes.

Here’s the thing: You can be busy and stagnant at the same time.

In fact, busyness promotes stagnancy in many cases. When you’re always hustling to fulfill orders and meet expectations, you lose sight of the bigger picture. You’re focusing on what needs to be done next (and rightfully so), but at the expense of your overarching business strategy.

If you’re ready to kick your business back into gear and start seeing glorious results once again, it’s time to look inwards before digging into the meat of your business. You need clarity and direction before you can start busting walls down and shaking things up.

The seven Abundance Keys signify the seven cores of energy within your body, your business, and your brand. While every aspect is vital in its own regard, the magic is when all of them are aligned to work together seamlessly. 

As you read through the seven Abundance Keys that follow, consider the areas that feel stuck, depleted, or undernourished. Those will be the elements that will best support your growth and momentum once addressed.


Trust in yourself and others forms the foundation of business stability. Without it, you may brush off valuable opportunities, hold back on marketing, struggle with sales, or mistrust your own decisions. All of these obstacles prevent you from pushing towards those next-level goals, which leads to lack of growth and, oftentimes, burnout.

Do Today: Write down a list of all of your past successes and reflect on how far you’ve come. Post it up somewhere in your office for a thoughtful reminder. 

Compassion & Creativity

Being in the events industry can be downright taxing on your creative muscles. To keep it primed and in good shape, you need to use your creativity as a multi-faceted asset. If you spend all day menu planning and marketing (two very creative tasks), find other ways to hone your muscle like dancing, doodling, or crafting. Double the benefit by inviting a loved one and nurturing your relationship.

Do Today: Write something for your audience – a blog post, an email, a social media caption, anything! Speak to them as if you were talking to a friend. 

Willpower & Self-Esteem

Without willpower or self-esteem, nothing will ever get done. It’s as simple as that! While willpower keeps you on track with your goals, self-esteem is the fire that motivates you to keep going. When these two elements are out of balance, you may struggle with burnout, fatigue, and exhaustion. Once you realign these areas, you’ll reclaim your productivity.

Do Today: Complete one small task that has been on your business backburner. Then, sit back and reward yourself for saying “yes” and getting it done. 

Gratitude & Charisma

Selfishness has never served a business purpose. On the contrary, being considerate to others and bringing positivity to their lives can make all the difference. Gratitude and charisma are both driving forces behind positive relationships. As you know, those relationships are what matters most in business, so focus on how you can add value to other people’s lives.

Do Today: Say thank you to someone meaningful in your life. It could be a colleague, a mentor, a partner, a parent, or a friend. Be specific about what you’re showing gratitude for! 

Honest Communication

Do you feel like your outward self doesn’t quite match your inner self? A lack of honest communication is manifested in an inability to openly speak your mind. If you’re always biting your tongue or de-personalizing your marketing messages, it’s likely due to fear of how you will be perceived if you communicated honestly. The reality is that those who matter will always value what you have to say.

Do Today: Journal about your ideal future and the goals that will help you achieve it. This is for your eyes only, so don’t hold back! Illustrate your wildest dreams and be honest with yourself. 

Focus & Intuition 

Everybody has a source of inner wisdom, but most people don’t tap into it nearly as much as they should. Intuition can help you navigate the toughest situations and make difficult decisions with resolve. It takes practice to learn how to tap into your profound knowledge, but it’s the real secret behind focusing on the endgame, manifesting your goals, and creating a fulfilling life.

Do Today: Sit quietly for a few minutes and listen to what your body is saying. Are you sore? Hungry? Energized? Nervous? Tap into your intuition and respond accordingly. 

Love & Connection

All things are rooted in love. Your business—and everything in it—was created out of a love of helping others solve a problem. Your network is built on love for your industry colleagues and the chance to collaborate with smart, creative people. Without love, it’s virtually impossible to make strong connections that support your business growth. Love will always give you a strong ROI.

Do Today: Share some love with an industry colleague or someone you’d like to connect with on social media. Leave a kind comment or share their business offerings with your audience.

To build a wildly successful and well-renowned business, you must start with yourself. As a leader, you must be trusting, compassionate, creative, grateful, honest, and filled with love. Once you get your own energy aligned and in order, your business will follow suit! 


Aleya Harris

Owner, Flourish Marketing

Aleya Harris, an award-winning marketer and former chef and catering company owner, is the Owner of Flourish Marketing, an agency that provides marketing education, strategy, and tools to help wedding, catering, and event professionals get and keep a consistent stream of clients.   Aleya is a StoryBrand Certified Guide and she uses that narrative-based framework to develop clear, engaging, and highly converting marketing assets, like websites and social media solutions, for her clients.  Aleya is the current Marketing Committee Chair for NACE and a top speaker at conferences...