ACE Inspiration: Cocoon Events Management Group, part 1

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July 21, 2017

Mid-March, winners of the ACE awards took the stage at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. To enter, each contender was asked to identify the two events the company completed that it felt best represented the company, as well as challenges and favorite aspects.

Throughout the year, will profile the winners and nominees of the 2017 ACE awards. In the next installation of our series, we are placing a keen eye on Cocoon Events Management Group who took the ACE award for Event Operations under $2 million in the International category.

Events • International • Operations under $2 million • Cocoon Events Management Group

Intimate Marrakesh Destination Wedding

As a multi-day celebration, this destination wedding for 40 guests was one of extravagance and luxury—a specialty for Cocoon Events Management Group. The bride knew exactly what she wanted when it came to the details and was in constant communication, with daily calls via phone or Skype. The couple had never visited Morocco until the main event, so it required a lot of long distance communication. “This allowed us to create the design from scratch—from the menu to the tastings to the décor, we handled everything, “ said Fabrice Orlando, CEO.

Reception lounge

Although she sent over Pinterest pictures for inspiration, Orlando decided that he wanted to create something unique that the couple could truly call their own. “It turned out to be one of the most detail-oriented weddings we’ve ever done, taking up to four hours just to set up one table,” Orlando said. And then, the day before the wedding, the company changed up the design with a red camel that Orlando found locally, adding about 20 new décor pieces to the wedding itself. This celebration is a great representative of how an intimate wedding can still be very impactful.


The main challenge for this wedding was working from a distance with a couple that was extremely detail-oriented and picky. While the team at Cocoon had a spectacular vision, the interpretation can be different for the couple—so it was extremely important to ensure that the company was meeting specific expectations and that everyone’s ideas came together cohesively. “Thanks to technology, we were in constant communication and, despite the couple being out of town, we had built a strong relationship by the end of the planning process and I felt as if I knew them very well,” said Orlando.

Reception entree

Favorite touches

The décor was an especially favorite part of the planning, as the couple was very focused on creating a unique experience for their guests (who would be traveling very far to celebrate with them). “We felt that we best accomplished this through the décor and design aspect of the wedding, with each area thought out down to the last detail,” said Orlando.

The ceremony was a classic Moroccan celebration, complete with intricate lanterns and traditional music.

The reception, conversely, was done in the style of an intimate dinner party with one long table for all of the guests. Tables were decorated with simple, small white and green arrangements that kept the focus on the couple and their guests, but still served as a way to tie in the intimate atmosphere the couple wanted.

On top of the last-minute details, the couple asked for an oriental band for their wedding and luckily, the number 1 Oriental band in Marrakech was able to make it for both nights. It ended up being one of the biggest and most popular parts of the wedding.

The food was another aspect that captured attention. Cocoon Event Management worked very closely with the chef to thoughtfully choose the food with the couple’s taste in mind. By fusing Moroccan dishes with French cuisine, it was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for all of the guests. Lobster, foie gras and tajine were just a few of the lovely creations served to the guests. Through and through, the menu was a complete fusion prepared by the chef that was utterly amazing.

Next week on Cocoon Events’ Extravagant Multi-Day Marrakesh Wedding

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