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The Dream Team

We have a small and mighty sales and production team at Pinch Food Design. Their old-fashioned job title would have been 'salesperson,' but that is not a universally positive term. Depending on the industry or situation, hearing that word suggests thoughts of unwanted attention or even distrust. It's unfortunate how a few bad apples (or used car salespeople) can ruin the bunch. But at Pinch, we have the "Dream Team," and they add value to Pinch Food Design and fulfill positive roles while aiding the growth and development of our company.

The primary role of a "Dream Team" is that of a diplomat. The term 'brand ambassador' carries much weight when a product or company representative views their role in that regard. An influential diplomat believes in their company and the products their company supplies. Their job is to represent that company to the rest of the world and serve as a mediator. When you believe in your product or cause and what you're selling, there is no place for distrust or 'funny business,' only real opportunities to benefit your customers and, by extension, your business and yourself.

Great products, furthermore, that solve industry problems, or are necessary or highly desirable, sell themselves. I mean, who wants to sell junk? An influential diplomat can only do their job well if representing a high-quality company or organization. A positive salesperson or "Dream Team" member represents a positive product. Ideally, the value of what you're selling is self-evident. Your job shouldn't be trying to convince a customer with zero knowledge of a product why it's worth their money. Instead, an influential representative's role is to provide expertise and guide a customer on their way to hopefully deciding what they're selling is beneficial to their potential customer.

Dream Team members, just like diplomats, depend on good relationships to thrive in their occupations. Positive relationships are built on trust, reliability, and amicable behavior. A genuine representative wants to play a part in their organization's and customers' lives. Ongoing, long-term relationships are the foundation of a successful business. You can't fake it, and there aren't any quick-fix techniques that can replace a legitimate business exchange based upon mutual benefit. You're there for them, they're there for you, and you both know and appreciate it.

Being a positive agent comes from caring about what you do. Taking pride in your work and striving to be a source of positive juju speaks volumes about you and your company. If you don't like the product you're selling, especially if it's something you don't use or consume personally, you face an uphill battle. Promoting and selling your product becomes natural and almost the easiest thing in the world when you believe in it and know how it benefits others.

Great salesmanship and Dream Teams come from genuine interest and natural inclination. They are passionate, enthusiastic individuals with resilience that take the time to get to know their customers' needs, show empathy, and confidently represent the product. The best ambassadors understand why they're doing what they do and how it benefits them and everyone they meet. Quality products sold by quality people create quality relationships. Positive salespeople and company representatives don't have to push and prod their customers. Instead, they act to serve, assist and inform them. And Pinch is lucky to have a Dream Team that cares.

Stella Rankin

Founding Partner, Pinch Food Design

Food and entertainment, Stella Rankin knows it intimately.  As one of the Founders of the celebrated Pinch Food Design, a top-tier catering and design company based in NYC, she has had almost 20 years of experience in production and live events focusing on luxury, fashion, and lifestyle.

An expert in the luxury food, beverage, and design industry; she is known in her field as an dynamic self-starter and passionate entrepreneur. In addition to representing Pinch in day-to-day operations, she is a big believer in the power of collaboration, always seeking new relationships or reinforcing the old with like-minded tastemakers, acclaimed designers, and professional party planners.