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The Secret to Stress-Free Planning You’ll Want to Share with Your Clients

For a newly engaged couple, planning their wedding seems like such an exciting endeavor! That is until they actually get into the weeds and see how much work it entails. As a seasoned veteran, you know all of the inner workings that bring a wedding to fruition — it’s not all cake tastings and registry shopping!

While a couple may not anticipate the magnitude of the journey they’ve embarked upon, they don’t have to do it alone. They hire industry experts to join their team and take on more of the heavy lifting so they can enjoy their engagement in pre-wedded bliss.

As a wedding professional, there are a number of ways to limit a couple’s stress throughout the wedding planning process. For one, simply doing your job will remove that task off their plate! However, being an excellent vendor means going the extra mile to save your clients from the unnecessary headaches that come with planning a major event.

Consider these best practices to keep your clients calm and provide them with the stress-free experience they deserve on the way to the aisle!

Make vendor collaboration seamless.

Planning a wedding involves a lot of moving pieces. While we may be used to it as event professionals, our clients can easily become overwhelmed by the responsibilities! One of the biggest challenges is coordinating a team full of vendors. From the florist to the caterer to the photographer, every service is interconnected when it comes to producing the perfect day.

Save your client the trouble of managing all of those personalities and put that task on your plate. Stand in as their point of contact, checking in with other vendors and serving as the go-between to ensure all of the pieces are coming together flawlessly. Not only will this ease your client’s burden, but it also prevents any mishaps that may arise from an inexperienced couple overlooking important steps in the process!

Prioritize transparency.

Most couples are planning a wedding for the first time in their lives. You know what that means: lots of questions. They may be confused about things that seem like second nature to you, or they may have concerns about their wedding plans (particularly in the wake of COVID-19).

Regardless, anticipate that your clients will need you to be their guiding light and keep your inbox open to their questions. That’s not to say you must answer panicked phone calls in the middle of the night or on event day, but you should be intentional about responding promptly so your clients feel heard. Showing them VIP-level attention throughout the planning process will eliminate stress and increase the likelihood of earning positive reviews and referrals. Win-win!

Avoid overwhelming them.

There’s a good chance a majority of your couples are balancing wedding planning with full time jobs, family care, and other personal responsibilities in their lives. While you may leave your door open for them, avoid reaching out to them more than necessary. They will burn out if they are constantly fielding questions about napkin colors, dietary restrictions, and guest lists.

Instead, set a recurring monthly or biweekly status meeting to discuss updates and ask all of the questions that arose since the last one. They will come to you if they want to speak about their wedding more often, but it’s worth loosening the reins and letting them live their lives as normally as possible!

When it all boils down, effective communication is the key to a stress-free wedding planning experience for your couples. Remain open about your work without going overboard and, whenever possible, pick up the important tasks so they don’t have to worry about it. When your communication game is on point, your clients will trust that you have it all handled! 


Dixie Bagley

Owner, The Farm

Dixie Bagley is the owner of The Farm in Rome, Georgia - a European farm estate with lodging set in the north western Georgia mountains. The venue focuses on working with couples who want to give their guests a relaxed, but thoughtful countryside weekend wedding experience. Having been in the wedding industry for 12 years, Dixie is a master of multi-tasking and wants to make everyone feel at ease. Dixie holds a degree in exercise science from the American Council of Exercise and is Certified Wedding Planner & Venue Coach for The Bridal Society.