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The Future of AI in the Wedding Industry

If you’ve tuned into the latest news, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the buzz about artificial intelligence, or AI, and its introduction to the general public. While AI isn’t a new concept, it has only recently emerged as an easy, accessible resource for anyone to use. And though it may seem like a tool for creating funny memes and producing computer-generated snippets of text, there are far more opportunities for business owners to leverage the power of AI.

But before diving into the benefits of AI, let’s start by exploring how it works. Online AI tools can access the depths of the internet, indexing many different data sources—like articles, chats, videos, and transcripts—to compile and present responses to inquiries generated over time. Rather than sitting down to craft a long-form answer to a complex question, you can simply ask an AI tool to comb through its data and produce a response.

With AI readily accessible, wedding professionals can leverage this new technology to build more efficiency into their workflows and reduce time spent on routine tasks. After all, repeating the same processes over and over is a waste of time—letting AI take over allows you to dedicate your brainpower elsewhere in your business to maximize your efforts.

To start implementing AI in your wedding business, keep reading for tips, tools, and things to be cautious of as you familiarize yourself with this new tech opportunity.

Benefits of AI

One of the primary benefits of using AI in your business is the time you’ll save from doing everything manually! For instance, if you need to write a blog post, you could use AI to generate thought-provoking prompts and even provide a working foundation for you to flesh out. Likewise, you could use AI to create email templates, social media captions, or FAQs for your website.

Creative professionals can also take advantage of AI’s limitless data as a boon for ideation. While not everything is usable, you can produce some impressive results that could lead to fresh inspiration. Since AI relies on existing data, it’s best not to use it as the final output for a client; however, it’s an excellent idea generator and can spark innovative ways of blending concepts, colors, or styles you wouldn’t think to put together.

AI tools for wedding pros

Several reliable AI tools are available for general use, including ChatGPT, arguably the most talked-about option on the internet. With ChatGPT you can ask questions or provide guiding prompts for it to respond with computer-generated content. You can then edit and style the response to match your brand voice and expertise.

Jasper is another helpful resource for generating copy. From interacting with the AI directly to having it churn out long-form blog posts and emails, wedding pros can cut down on time spent writing marketing content by letting Jasper take over.

For images, look no further than Midjourney. Type anything into Midjourney, and it will generate an image for you, pulling from countless data sources to amalgamate a unique composition. While you shouldn’t rely on it to produce final images, it’s a great way to spark ideas or provide a point of reference to share with a designer.

Getting started with AI

The best way to figure out AI’s role in your business is simply to try it out! Test it on a project you’re already working on, as you won’t feel pressured to rely on the AI’s output. Many of these tools are in beta mode, so they are mostly free or low-cost to invite users to stress-test the platforms and help the AIs get smarter.

Protecting your bases

As you get familiar with AI, be mindful that there is some ethical gray areas since it relies on existing data. You cannot create anything ‘new,’ so remain conscious about how and where you use the content. For example, you shouldn’t submit an AI-generated article as your own idea, as it’s copying from other people’s copyrighted content. Instead, let AI provide the foundation and modify the output with your personal voice, style, and ideas. Transparency is vital when it comes to using AI in your wedding business. 

In addition to unethical practices, publishing AI content as your own can damage your reputation with search engines. For example, if keywords or sentence structures are identical to the content sources, your website could be penalized from an SEO perspective. 

The future is bright for AI, and data scientists are constantly testing to see how AI can perform in response to different challenges. One day, you could expect AI to answer business inquiries in your unique voice! But until then, it’s all about playing with the tools available and seeing how you can use AI to enhance your workflows. The learning curve is slight, so get creative and have fun with it! 


Jordan Kentris

Owner, A Good Day

Jordan Kentris is the founder and owner of A Good Day (, a boutique design firm that creates one-of-a-kind stationery, establishing unique brands for each and every event. He was recently recognized by BizBash as one of the Most Innovative People in 2020 for his creative, holistic approach to virtual events.