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Branding: The Little Details

A brand is all about the personal touches that make your business stand out. It’s not just the logo or the font, it’s the story behind them. Great branding means telling this story every time a customer comes in contact with your business, and making them feel something when they think of your company. The key to creating this reaction is to focus on the little details.

Make It personal

Connections are made with your audience on a personal level. A bio, for example, should be more than just a list of professional credits. You might have your company’s founder tell the story of how the company was formed instead. On a testimonial page, one simple line of praise from someone who uses your product is much more powerful than a collection of logos of companies that endorse you. Featuring a real person actually using your product will attract much more interest than an expensive, glitzy ad or movie.

Reaching your audience on a personal level should be a main focus of your branding decisions.

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Social media

This attention to detail is important on social media, as well. Don’t just post that you are attending or participating in an exciting event, for example. Have users at the event share the story on their own social media, preferably in both words and pictures, and tag you. You can expand your reach more organically and build more interest this way. Having your users act like your own personal news crew is extremely powerful for your brand awareness and engagement.

“Companies that value customer service understand that it is all about listening to and learning from their clients. Inviting interactions allows you to learn what is going right and what needs improvement.”

Customer service

Customer service is one of the most important of all details that can contribute to branding. Elevating the way you interact with and serve your customers sends a powerful message about who you value and how you want the world to perceive you. For example, AllSeated introduced a 24/7 live chat from the very first week we started despite that we didn’t have a single customer! As new customers started to interact with our product and click the live chat, we were ready to talk and learn.

Companies that value customer service understand that it is all about listening to and learning from their clients. Inviting interactions allows you to learn what is going right and what needs improvement. There is nothing better for a brand than to be perceived as meeting and exceeding customer needs.

Take your lead from successful brands

The world’s most successful companies understand that branding is in the little details. Zappos, for example, focuses on making a friend and creating a relationship. They may sell shoes, but if you jump on to chat with them at 2:00 a.m., but are also looking for a local pizza company that delivers, you can expect their customer service representatives will go to great lengths to get you the phone number of someone who can deliver you a hot pie!

Branding is far more complicated than the color of your logo or your company’s mascot. It is the reaction you inspire each time your audience comes in contact. You inspire the reactions you want, along with loyalty and trust, by giving the little details the attention they deserve.

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Sandy Hammer

CMO, AllSeated, New York City, NY

With over 20 years of experience in the international events industry, Sandy Hammer is the co-founder and CMO of AllSeated, a collaborative network for planning events that offers tools including floorplans, 3D view, Guest List, RSVP, Seating, Timelines, Mobile Check-In and more.