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A Crash Course to Being an Amazing CMO

In a world where marketing plays a huge role in the long-term success of your wedding business, having someone at the helm is a must. When your goal is to be intentional and targeted with what you do (read: not just throw spaghetti at the wall). it’s important to have someone step into the role of Chief Marketing Officer and create a strategic plan. The thing is, unless you are one of the few people in the events industry with a business or marketing degree, stepping into this role can feel intimidating (to say the least)—but that doesn’t mean you can’t! 

The great thing about marketing is it’s a skill everyone can learn and eventually master—it just takes a commitment to education. And whether you are a solopreneur needing to really own this hat or are stepping into a dedicated marketing role as a part of a team, you can be an amazing CMO. So if you’re ready to step up your marketing game, here’s what you need to know about embracing and owning your strategic leadership role.   

Understanding your role

CMOs are an important role for any event business to have—regardless of its size. That’s because CMOs are the decision makers in charge of creating a business’ marketing strategy and overseeing its implementation. And this is a core function of every business! Where things get “sticky” is over the fact that many event business owners have to take on both roles, stepping in as the decision-maker and the do-er. As a result, many neglect their role as CMO and simply start doing marketing (which ends up looking like marketing in different directions vs. toward a defined goal). They jump from TikTok to Pinterest to Instagram without a cohesive strategy behind their content. Or they’re pitching themselves to podcasts that don’t apply to their target market.

So to become a stronger CMO in your event business and really become efficient with your marketing efforts, it’s vital to first recognize your role. Put purpose behind your decisions and make sure all your marketing efforts work together to bring you closer to your goals. The better you understand your position as being rooted in both strategy and action, the more effectively you reach your dream clients.

Embodying specific qualities

There are a few qualities that are consistent amongst great CMOs and you’ll want to embrace them too.

  • Being fearless in taking calculated risks: Sticking to the status quo is one thing, but to stand out in any market (let alone a saturated one), you have to be courageous enough to make the bold moves that will set you apart. 

  • Knowing your numbers: As the CMO, you need to observe the trends (positive or negative) and confirm the return on investment (ROI) from your marketing decisions. So tracking your metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) is non-negotiable. 

  • Being a team player: The most effective CMOs are well-versed in managing a team. They’re fierce leaders who can build people up, keep them motivated, and keep everyone on the same page, working towards the same goals. 

  • Listening to your gut: As a CMO, making impactful decisions is part of the job description. And as much as numbers are critical to making smart decisions, your intuition also plays an important part. Learn how to trust your gut and balance it with metrics on the path to success.

Whether you need to develop these traits or you’ve already got them, keep fostering this personal growth so you can always feel confident in your role as a CMO.  

Gauging your success 

Like many things in business, your success as a leader is defined by the progress you make toward your goals. However, many entrepreneurs skip the all-important goal-setting process (even though it is a fundamental piece of the puzzle). And you simply can’t measure success without having benchmarks to measure and compare.

Once you have set meaningful goals and the objectives that ladder up to them , it’s time to define your key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics will guide you when measuring success. Remember: All of our goals are different! What works for another event pro might not work for another, so it’s best to choose KPIs that help you track your progress towards your goals. Here are a few that are common in the wedding industry and that you can start building your list from:

  • Number of event leads
  • Number of consultations or venue tours scheduled
  • Number of booked events
  • Average booking value

Make a list of KPIs that will help you understand what progress you are making towards your goals, and make it a monthly habit to document your numbers! A spreadsheet is an easy way to start, but you can also use Enji’s KPI tool to track your metrics with visual graphs! Regardless of which you choose, this habit will help you measure success and identify areas for improvement. 

Embracing your role as CMO 

Let’s be honest: You balance a lot of responsibility, and it’s crucial to set yourself up for success in all areas. Start by adjusting your mindset to cut yourself some slack (on occassion). You’re a busy professional, so don’t be hard on yourself when you can’t prioritize every role simultaneously!

Next, create a realistic marketing strategy, accounting for your available resources (time, people, and money). The first key here is to create a strategy that isn’t a stretch for the resources you have as a single person or with a team. The second? Document your strategy—it cannot just live in your head! You can build yours out in a Google doc or use a marketing platform like Enji to create yours quickly. 

From there, you want to block dedicated time on your calendar (regularly)  to make sure the strategy is actually being implemented! For example, you might prefer clearing a  half day to schedule content for the upcoming week or a full day or two to do it for the month. Or, you may find having hour-long blocks each week to post content and review data more approachable. Find an approach that fits into your schedule, allows you to lead your team (if you’ve got one), and keeps you accountable..

Finally, remember to revisit your goals and measure them against your KPIs. Each month (or weekly if that is what your business needs), set aside some time to dig into your numbers, explore what’s working, and adjust your strategy to eliminate what doesn’t serve your end goal.

While outsourcing the CMO role can be tempting as a way to free up your schedule, remember that your business belongs to you—and if you want to hit those big-reach goals, you need to remain present and engaged with your marketing strategy. Delegation is key, so look to your team for support! But ultimately, it’s up to you to step into your leadership role and steer your business in the right direction. When you do, there’s no doubt you’ll crush it in your role as CMO! 


Tayler Hollman Cusick

Founder, Enji

A marketing consultant and small-business builder, Tayler is the Founder of Enji—an exciting new startup that launched in May 2023. (Though you might recognize her from one of her other companies: TAYLRD Media and Designs and Sourced Co.). In her newest endeavor, Tayler is taking everything she has learned over nearly a decade of helping small businesses with marketing to design and build a suite of online marketing tools that fit your lifestyle and make sense for you.