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Who's News in Catering for April 20, 2024

Hot Off the Presses

F&B Insights, a ResTech platform designed to help bars, restaurants, and hotels maximize the value of their point-of-sale (POS) data, is helping operators fight inflationary conditions and rising costs by optimizing their menu pricing strategy. Their advanced analytics and AI-driven tools include: 

  • Menu Pricing Database:
    -Users can access the industry's most extensive menu database for unparalleled insights into competitor and market pricing dynamics
    -Empowered decision-making with comprehensive data, strategically pricing menu items for optimal profitability
    -Real-time market intelligence, ensuring agility and responsiveness in pricing strategy. 

  • Custom Market Analysis:
    -Bespoke, competitive market analysis tailored to specific restaurant's needs, providing actionable insights aligned with their objectives.
    -Deeper market dynamics and consumer preferences to refine pricing strategy based on sales data. 

  • Custom Competitive Data Set
    -Customized competitive data sets tailored to a restaurant's needs, including competitor menu prices across select items and locations.
    -Specific competitor pricing data aligned with your strategic goals to stay ahead of the competition. 


Better Earth, a leading producer of 100% compostable foodservice packaging, has released its 2023 Impact Report, outlining their commitment to transformative climate action and sustainability. The company is committed to transformative actions to reduce carbon emissions attributed to agriculture, improve soil health, and work to create a plastic-free future. In line with its commitment to sustainability, Better Earth has set forth aggressive sustainability goals for 2024, including: 

  • Waste Diversion: Recycle or compost 95% of standard recyclables and organics across operations by the end of 2024. 

  • Procurement: 25% of total procurement spend will occur with local small and/or minority-owned vendors. 

  • Supply Chain: Engage 100% of Better Earth’s Supply Partner Network in the environmental questionnaire for use in a Supplier Sustainability Action Plan.  

  • Partners & Progress: Work with customers to divert as much weight in organics as we sell in compostables over a three-year period 

Products on the Market

Golden Grail Beverages (OTC: GOGY), known for its commitment to quality and sustainability, is thrilled to announce the launch of its eco-friendly product, KOZ Water, in 16 oz cans. The introduction of the 16oz can is in response to the growing consumer demand for sustainable and health-conscious hydration options. The company intends to invest in several additional production runs to ensure KOZ Water will be widely available starting as early as May 2024 in select locations and nationwide on KOZ Water, known for its unique purification process and the infusion of essential electrolytes and minerals, offers more than just hydration; it's a step towards healthier living. Packaged in fully recyclable 16 oz aluminum cans, KOZ Water underscores Golden Grail Beverages' dedication to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability. Emphasizing our commitment to not only personal health but also to the planet, it's important to highlight the broader environmental impact of packaging choices. The global recycling rate for plastic bottles languishes below 50%, with a fraction being repurposed into new bottles. In stark contrast, aluminum stands as a beacon of recyclability, boasting recycling rates that exceed 60% globally, and reaching up to 90% in the most efficient regions. 


ByteCater, a revolutionary catering management solution, empowers restaurants to unlock additional catering revenue without the burden of increased complexity or costs. Office lunch catering represents a fast-growing opportunity for restaurants to build revenue. Companies like ezCater, Fooda, Foodee, Forkable, Catercow (among many others) can deliver orders to your restaurant, but each has different communication standards leading to time-consuming administrative processes. ByteCater eliminates these hurdles, enabling restaurants to seamlessly operate multiple platforms without dedicating extra labor hours or managerial resources. Restaurants can focus on what they do best – creating delicious food – while reaching new customer segments and achieving ambitious revenue goals. ByteCater offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline catering operations and free up valuable time for restaurant staff. 

  • Auto-generated Labels:  ByteCater's intelligent software analyzes incoming orders and automatically generates standardized end-user labels, ensuring clear communication within the kitchen team and eliminating confusion during order execution. 

  • All-Day Sheets:  ByteCater automatically creates “all-day sheets” – consolidated views of each individual order, as well as for all orders in the day. Efficiently manage inventory and stay ahead of prep work with auto-generated all-day counts.  Collected all-day sheets can include all of the orders in a day (or week, month or custom time period). These collected all-day sheets can be viewed by item, by catering platform or by delivery time.  

  • Catering Calendar:  Maintain complete control over your catering schedule with a centralized calendar accessible to your entire team. This shared view eliminates the risk of overlooked orders and ensures all catering commitments are met on time. Additionally, ByteCater provides customized reminders to keep staff on track and prevent missed deadlines.

Ready to take your catering business to the next level? Contact ByteCater today at [email protected] to learn more about how our innovative solution can help you achieve your catering goals. 


High-premium artisanal mezcal brand Chulele® announces the release of two single-batch collector editions. Hand–crafted using centuries–old traditional methods, its recipe is pure and simple. Mature Espadín agave, water and natural airborne yeasts combine with the love and passion of their Maestro Mezcaleros. With no additives or industrial processes, Chulele® artisanal mezcal is truly a product of its rich and magical environment. Embracing the revered traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico, the exquisite first batch of Guelaguetza 2022 Espadín Joven (250 bottles, 50.4% ABV) and exceptional second run Día De Los Muertos 2022 (1250 bottles, 51.3% ABV) are available exclusively in personally numbered bottles at Great American Craft Spirits and directly from Chulele® at To share exactly how each single-release batch of artisanal mezcal is made, the people who craft it and what is happening in Oaxaca at that moment in time, the creator of Chulele® and certified mezcal producer LJ Koch, directs and produces a high-quality documentary film to tell the unique story of each single batch release. Making mezcal captures a moment in time in a bottle. The weather, the terroir, the pollen, and the airborne yeast all make every batch of artisanal mezcal truly unique and never to be duplicated. The documentary-style films created for every small batch of Chulele® mezcal not only capture the journey from plant to bottle but also offer the unique opportu



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