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2023 Results: The ICA Industry Survey

The International Caterers Association (ICA) has published the results of their 2023 industry survey!

The ICA survey is an in-depth study of our industry. This year, over 72 catering companies responded, representing every region of the United States. 

In the latest catering industry report, you’ll learn:

  • Size of the average catering company
  • The state of staffing
  • The most popular social media networks and catering software
  • Much more 

-> View the full report 

Who responded to the survey? 

Catering companies with annual sales ranging from $250,000 to over $10,000,000 responded to the survey. Side note—the ICA has over 1,200 member caterers across the world who join together to share insider information and help each other all year long. If you’re not a member yet, you can learn more on the ICA’s website

-> See more sales statistics 

The state of staffing 

In what will be no surprise to you, staffing remains difficult: 

86% of catering companies report being understaffed moving into 2024. 


-> See more staffing statistics  

2024 sales predictions 

After a solid 2023, we asked caterers to share predictions for 2024. 

Good news! 

85% of caterers predict that business will be up in 2024.

-> See the 2024 industry outlook in the full report 

What social media platforms are popular? 

Facebook and Instagram remain the dominant social media platforms for caterers, but competition is rising. To get the most out of these platforms in 2024, you need to think more about how to incorporate creative video and authentic storytelling. 

-> Get social media inspiration in the full report 

Lots more data 

To view the full report, head over to the official statistics.  


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