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NatureSeal, Inc., Leading the Fresh-Cut Produce Industry by Storm.

Both an industry veteran and fresh-cut produce pioneer, NatureSeal® has been a leading expert in shelf-life extension technology worldwide. Along with the USDA, NatureSeal initially developed and patented a formulation to keep sliced apples from browning.  Today, our products have expanded into an award-winning line of fresh-cut formulas, created to combat oxidation and liquid purging. Our products are comprised of ingredients that are sulfite-free (GRAS), allergen-free, GMO-free, and Kosher and Halal certified.

NatureSeal®, Inc. has developed two products for use within the foodservice industry that inhibit browning in fresh-cut produce.  Whether you need a few hours or several days of extended shelf life, NatureSeal will keep cut fruits and vegetables from oxidizing, without altering the natural flavor. NatureSeal for Fresh-Cut Produce will keep your produce looking fresh for up to 14 days. These products are a wholesome vitamin and mineral blends containing no sulfites and are completely allergen-free.


For healthy menu solutions, start with NatureSeal. Adding NatureSeal to your school menu will allow your staff to prepare fresh produce days ahead of time, saving them prep time. It will also reduce waste, saving money. You can save those ugly bruised apples and pears by cutting out the bruises and serving the desirable parts cut instead.  Lastly, it presents greater menu variety and flexibly with healthy nutritious menu selections that kids will love.


Independent studies show over a 60% increase in consumption of apples by students when offered cut verse whole. With NatureSeal it will help sustain your fruit cups and salad bar by keeping your fresh-cut produce from browning, increasing student’s overall consumption. 

Adding NatureSeal to your menu is easy. No special equipment or packaging necessary, just water. There are 3 container sizes available to meet your school’s needs.

Have questions? Need more information? Visit our website, email us at [email protected] or call 800-344-4229. 

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