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Announcing the 2024 Flavor Forecast

McCormick for Chefs has released its 2024 Flavor Forecast. 

This year’s exciting trends are the answer to cravings observed around the world. This includes an intentional approach to new-age fusion through regional-traditional cooking (Thoughtfully Borrowed), the layers of flavor and craveability brought to food and drink through acidic agents (Sour Power), and the thoughtful personalization of indulgence today (Indulgence Redefined).

Complementing each of the trends, McCormick for Chefs has also shared its 2024 Flavor of the Year: Tamarind. With innovative uses in origin cuisines, to elevating dishes and drinks with its craveable tartness, and effortlessly cutting through richness and heat, there is no slowing this fun and funky fruit down.

Sour Power

Pucker up, buttercup! Sour has stepped into the spotlight, revolutionizing kitchens and menus with layer upon layer of flavor, bringing balance to richer dishes and brightness to crisp ceviche. Next-level sour is taking a jump-off from lemon and balsamic acidities and diving into the deep end with stand-out flavors and ingredients like tigre de leche (tiger’s milk marinade), calamansi, sour orange, plum, and pickled and fermented foods.

Thoughtfully Borrowed

Fusion? That’s so 2000. With a new definition of authenticity that encompasses background, heritage, and experience, we see a reinvention of regional-traditional cooking. These conscious cultural combinations pay homage and respect to both roots and backgrounds – celebrating flavor, experience, and cuisine.

Indulgence Redefined

A source of pleasure, ritual, and community, indulgence is something to take seriously – and personally. With the reimagination of indulgence today, it’s all about YOU! With our lived experiences varying from one person to the next, and directly impacting our cravings, bold, exciting, nuanced flavors come in all shapes and forms.


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