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Flower Power: How to Elevate Your Events with Florals

In today’s event environment, everyone is looking to scale back on the extras and provide more value for the buck. But whatever you do, don’t skip the florals, said CeCe Todd of CeCe Designs LLC, a floral and event designer based in Birmingham, Ala., during her session at Catersource + The Special Event this summer in Miami.

“Florals automatically elevate an event,” she says. “Like it or not, they are considered a status symbol—they say you invested in the experience. They say to guests, ‘You are important to me.’ They promote productivity, and they induce joy and happiness.” 

They also give today’s Insta-crazy guests a gorgeous backdrop for their selfie shares, she added. Part of the reason why florals bring so much to the party is that they tickle almost every one of the senses: smell, touch, and sight, but also taste (some flowers are edible, after all).

“Florals can create a feeling, a subconscious perception, that set the tone, atmosphere, and concept without you having to say a word,” Todd says. And she should know: Todd has spent 18 years using her “insane attention to detail” and over-the-top style catering to the needs of a client list that includes celebrity clients such as Journey, Train, Kevin Hart and Ariana Grande.

Special Events magazine recently caught up with Todd to find out more about how to power up events using flowers without busting your budget, along with some tips on today’s hottest floral and décor trends.

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