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You Got Featured in the Media. Now What?

Have you gotten written up in the press? Congratulations! Not many businesses are able to get themselves noticed by the media, so you must be doing something right. But if you are looking at your press feature and wondering—Now what?—you’re not the only one.

In my work as a publicist, I’ve noticed that most businesses don’t leverage their media mentions as much as they should. Often, companies expect their press feature to do all the work for them, bringing in tons of new customers eager to hand them a check. But here is a big secret: 50 percent of publicity’s power is in what you do with it after you get press.

While a big press feature can dramatically widen the reach of your business, it doesn’t replace sales because most people reading or watching the news aren’t typically in buying mode at that exact moment. That means that if you got a media mention, it is your job to leverage it as much as you can.

Value of publicity

Getting featured in reputable print, online and broadcast media can help not only widen your reach and bring in new clients, but also position your brand above the competition, build up your reputation, attract strategic partners and investors. In short, people get impressed by a business’ media attention, so the more you show off the publicity you got, the more value you will derive from it. For example, my clients have used press features to woo investors and raise over $50M in funding.

Gain customers’ trust

A media feature is the equivalent of a hundred positive reviews because even in today’s content-saturated world, consumers trust the media. If they see that a company they’re researching was featured in the press, they are more willing to do business there. And it doesn’t really matter if your press feature is a couple of years old. If you’ve been in, say, The New York Times once, you have now forever been “Featured in The New York Times”. It’s a badge that remains with you for life (or at least the life of your business).

Share it!

So your goal is to make sure that your press features are visible to your prospective clients, partners or investors. Here are seven effective ways to leverage your press features:

1. Social Media: Post it on social media and don’t forget to tag the media source where it appeared or the specific reporter who wrote it. They’re much more likely to repost it, adding a big traffic boost.

2. Website: Add a Seen In section to your website’s homepage that includes several logos of the best publications that have featured you. If you have enough good media mentions, create a press page on your website and don’t forget to keep it up to date.

3. Blog: Feature your press feature on your blog. Adding links and mentioning the press in the headline of your post will help with your SEO.

4. Newsletter: If you have an email list, send out a link to your press feature to build added trust in your prospective or recurrent clients.

5. Email: Add the publication name or link to your most recent feature to the bottom of your email signature. It’s a great way to spread the word.

6. Portfolio: If you show your work portfolio when you meet with clients, add your best press features to your portfolio. Nothing impresses clients more than press features.

7. Office wall: Frame your best press feature and post it on your office wall. It’s not only a visually powerful testimonial for when clients come to visit, but also a nice confidence booster for yourself.

If you follow these ways to leverage press features, you will help boost your marketing and sales efforts and you will see a real difference in your business.


Sasha Vasilyuk is the CEO of I DO PR, a strategic public relations agency that helps wedding and lifestyle brands connect with the media. She is also an award-winning journalist and the author of the ultimate wedding PR book “Marry the Media: How to Get Publicity for Your Wedding Business”.