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Five Office Activities to Help Prevent Employee Burnout

Light, positive, and friendly energy at work can make all the difference. When your team is happy, the office will not only become a place of hard work, but also projects positive vibes that everyone appreciates. It is important that your employees enjoy coming to work and get the chance to build relationships within the office. My team works very hard, so I am always looking for fun ways to change up the day-to-day and give them a little break! Here are a couple of ideas of how I keep the mood in the office fun and my employees happy:

Bring in breakfast

Mornings can be tough...especially Monday mornings. Surprise your team with a little breakfast in the office. Sharing a meal with your team is a great way to start the day off right and it doesn’t require much time or planning. Brew a fresh pot of coffee and pick up bagels, donuts, or an assortment of pastries on your way into work. No matter what breakfast you decide on, your team will appreciate the time to wake up and socialize as well as enjoy a little treat.

Go out for lunch as a team

Make a reservation at a nearby café for your entire team (mine is small, so this is usually pretty easy)! My team's lunch schedules usually vary depending on their workload, so it is not often that we all get to eat together. And, when I can treat my team to a nice lunch out, I know this usually means extending their lunch break a little bit.

Take a workout class together

My team does a great job of encouraging each other to stay healthy and active. As well as taking walks during breaks, counting our steps, and eating balanced meals, we will occasionally plan office workouts. A fun exercise class gives my team something to look forward to after work as well as well as provides a fun bonding experience. We are lucky to be located in an area that offers so many different types of workout studios, but if you don’t have any near your office, plan a bike-ride, walk, or run instead!

Weekend wine tasting

Having an office gathering outside of the normal workweek and far from the office gives your employees a chance to have fun together without having work in the back of their minds. Go for a weekend wine tasting to provide your team with a change of scenery and some fun! It is the perfect setting for a carefree, summer office activity.

Cooking class

Taking your office to a cooking class or bringing the cooking class to the office is a great idea for an office activity. Learning to create a gourmet meal is fun as well as provides a topic of discussion for your team to bond over. Some will enjoy making the food; some will enjoy eating the food afterward. Either way...everyone will be happy and having fun!

These activities will not only be fun for your staff, but you as well. A break from the everyday routine will let your team know how much you appreciate their hard work. You all deserve a little break now and then.


Leila Lewis is known as the Wedding PR expert over at Be Inspired PR.

Leila Lewis

Founder and CEO, Be Inspired PR