Caring for Your Employees

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September 11, 2017

Good retention at your catering company or foodservice business starts from the moment an employee is hired until they leave your company. Changing some employment practices can have a positive impact on retaining great employees.

Recruitment and hiring. It’s worth spending time and effort on recruiting. If you hire the right person versus the person who can fill your slot the most quickly, odds of retaining the employee are increased.

First impressions. First impressions matter to customers and new employees. Treating your employees well during critical early stages of employment is proven to improve retention.

Provide good training. Providing your employees with proper training during the orientation and into the future are key factors in helping employees grow and stay motivated.

Performance evaluation. Developing a systematic performance evaluation program is important. When employees know what they’re doing well and where they need to improve, both they and your business benefit.

Pay & benefits. People work to make a living. In addition, an employee’s compensation can impact their ability to focus and perform optimally at work. If you don’t offer livable wages you will likely face continuous employee turnover.

Communication. Employees like to feel that they are truly part of the team. Effectively communicating with them is important to ensure they have the necessary information, knowledge, and skills to perform to their highest abilities.

Leave. Regardless if an employee quits or is let go, it is important to make sure (as much as possible) that they leave on good terms. This increases the chances they will recommend your company to others (both customers and potential employees). Additionally, it will minimize the number of unemployment claims that are filed, which may help keep your insurance rates lower.

These tips will help you reduce turnover at your catering business and focus on obtaining new clients and filling those valuable orders!

Michael Rosman is the CEO of If you need more tips, please visit his website or email him.

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