When the Venue is a Star

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December 02, 2013

Using a Hollywood Venue to Market Your Event

Getting more attendees is the name of the game, especially with charity and non-profit events. A venue such as a studio, a new restaurant or nightclub, can really help.

Some venues offer history, some offer intrigue. The first thing you have to decide is which one is right for your group.

Nightclubs and downtown lofts offer raw spaces that can be transformed. Going to a different part of the city can be something that adds interest for your guests. You can play up something like a nightclub or loft with the graphics of the event brand on the invitations to create an overall theme.

In Hollywood clients have the luxury of several studios for their events, each of which has different histories, and areas that are a draw. For instance Warner Bros.  offers 13 distinct locations for events, from outdoor areas such as a lagoon ...


Brownstone Street...


And sound stages ...


Studio sound stages, offer myriad transformation possibilities with little limitations as you can see in this transformation from raw space to an elegant sit down dinner.


On a studio backlot, you have access to all departments for support, making it, in most cases, a one-stop decision. And, of course, a studio is always a great marketing draw.

An event doesn't need to stay locked into a hotel ballroom. Open that door and open your event to a wider group of attendees by exploring the many unique venues that exist today.

 Three ways to use a Hollywood studio to market you charity event

  • Play up the location in your marketing materials
  • Work with the studio and its partners to help create a list of Hollywood silent auction items
  •  Access the studio's other resources such as its prop department to create a unique event design
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