Wedding Fashion for Today's Bridesmaids

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November 26, 2012

Friendly Fashion:

Bridesmaids Take Control

Wedding planners are often asked for their input when it comes to the all-important decision about bridesmaid dresses. Traditionally, brides have chosen one universal dress to be worn by all the bridesmaids on the day of the wedding, regardless of their size, shape and personal styles. The obvious problem with this traditional rule is that not all women are created the same.

What's more, increasing wedding costs and the perception that traditional gowns have very little utility beyond the wedding have made more brides willing to compromise with bridesmaids when it comes to choosing the best dress for the big day.

In response, many high-profile designers are offering a more bridesmaid-friendly approach to their dress collections. The two most notable compromises include allowing the bridesmaids to choose their own dress style or deciding to outfit the girls in convertible gowns that flatter their individual styles.

In 2012, we saw a big increase in bridesmaids choosing their own styles, while the bride was in charge of selecting the color and fabric. In this scenario, some bridesmaids may choose a dress that offers an illusion neckline, while others select gowns in the same color and fabric but in a trendy one-shoulder style. Either way, the combination of styles unified by color or fabric delivers a fashionable message to all who attend.

Similarly, versatile convertible gowns have emerged as one of the top trends in 2012. This pragmatic approach is a win-win for all involved. Any number of styles can be chosen by the bride to ensure that bridesmaids appear formally majestic at the ceremony, but then they have the option to transform their flowing gown to a sexy little dress while en route to the reception. Also, bridesmaids can reuse this dress at a variety of events long after it has served its wedding purpose.

For a look at how designers are adapting these bridesmaid-friendly trends into reality, check out the Manhattan-based company, twobirds. This renowned fashion boutique currently offers four highly functional convertible gowns that feature 15 different wearable styles. Twobirds offers these elegant styles in twenty electrifying colors, including ivory, cabernet and aubergine.

Also take a look at Henkaa. This innovative shop features a number of interchangeable convertible dresses that are currently available in 23 attractive colors. Since forming in 2009, Henkaa has proven to be solid alternative to twobirds. And if you're wondering why, it's simple--price. Indeed, your client's wedding party can purchase Henkaa convertible gowns for about half the asking price of what a similar twobirds version may cost. However, both remain great options if your bride is in the convertible gown market.

Originally featured in Event Solutions magazine
Winter 2012 Issue

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