From Uplighting to Projection

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November 12, 2013

Trends in Outdoor Lighting To call outdoor weddings and events a trend is a reach but what is trending is how event designers and wedding planners are lighting these natural settings. Like any woman, Mother Nature looks spectacular in the right light and the team at Images by Lighting is an expert at making her glow. For Images by Lighting the philosophy behind great lighting has always been the same - to create emotion with light and color yet never let the guests know the mechanics behind it. In other words, to make sure that any lighting equipment is hidden in plain sight. Such was the case for two different events produced by wedding planner Mindy Weiss. Natural Outdoor Lighting For this outdoor dinner table, the table was perfectly lit with no pinspot in sight; the custom created floral arches ensured that. The perimeter lighting and the arches were uplit strategically while the lighting that one does want to see - lanterns and bead lights in the foliage -- stood out from the overall lighting. Natural Outdoor Lighting At this lakeside event, Weiss and Images By Lighting made full use of the vast natural setting, creating a breathtaking experience for guests well before they reached the event. The landscape around the lake, as well as the small island in the middle were strikingly lit. Rose Projection Tent Lighting Even the exterior of the tent made a statement with lighted projections. A harpist along the walkway, chandeliers in the trees and more landscape lighting were the finishing touches to creating a dramatic nighttime mood. In both of these cases, Images by Lighting created real beauty; a look that appeared effortless yet took years of experience to master.

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