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Summer Lighting Trends

Summers were made for special events. Long days and warm nights draw many hosts outdoors, offering natural backdrops for celebrations and special events. Menus capitalize on locally grown, seasonal ingredients for the freshest menus and flavors. Designs incorporate a more organic and natural look and are perfectly complemented by some of the hottest trends in lighting. 

Our favorite summer lighting trends include:

String lights
A classic look, string lights are great inside a tent or to highlight your alfresco dinner. They are relatively easy to set up as long as you have enough power receptacles and a safe ladder. String lights offer just enough twinkle to pull a look together and give it ambience without overwhelming an area. They are consistently among the most popular lighting trends because they are so versatile and user-friendly.

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Floating candles 
Water elements and summer design are perfect partners. You can add a bit of water along with a touch of glow by using floating candles. They are available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. Vary the containers and even the water color to give them a unique twist. The way candles flicker against water is mesmerizing, and guests simply love the effect.

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Light the way 
If summer takes your event outdoors, or to a scenic spot like a terrace or patio with a view, consider lining pathways, perimeters, and landscaping features with battery-operated candles to light the way for guests at sunset. Space the candles in containers, lanterns, votive holders, or luminaria evenly for a visually stunning effect. Larger and more distant spaces look best when you use larger candles. Use smaller varieties for finer detail.

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Also, many battery-operated candles are quite long-lasting these days thanks to LED technology, but do check the packaging and perhaps even field test a candle in advance to make sure they will stay lit from set up through strike.

“Mix greenery, florals, string lights, or lanterns holding tea lights and install them on a suspended backdrop for a dynamic and engaging visual feature.”

Hanging installations 
A concept that many were unfamiliar with just two to three years ago is now consistently in high demand: the dramatic hanging installation. Mix greenery, florals, string lights, or lanterns holding tea lights and install them on a suspended backdrop for a dynamic and engaging visual feature. Hanging florals and lighting add an extra dimension to a space, giving depth to the guest experience. They can be used to draw attention to special tables, a sweetheart lounge area or something focal like the dance floor or cake.

There are so many different on-trend ways to incorporate lighting into your summer events. Which will you feature at your client’s celebrations this summer?

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Audrey Isaac

Audrey Isaac is the spokesperson of 100 Candles, a wholesale market for candles and lights. Since 2002, thousands of wedding and event professionals have entrusted 100 Candles with their wholesale candle accounts. For more information, please visit