A Recipe for Luscious Presentation

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October 22, 2013

An enchanted floral buffet that creates a wonderland

There is truth to the expression "you eat with your eyes." How food looks is one of the first sensory criteria that we use to make decisions about the foods we eat. Good design in our culinary presentations is thorough, taking note of every last detail to appeal to guests.

When you're putting together a design for an event, remember that great designers absorb ideas and emotions and then transform them into visual experiences. This Enchanted Garden tablescape takes the youthful joy of discovering something magical in a garden and transforms it into a buffet presentation. It's organic and natural, while making the cheese plate into something truly imaginative. The Enchanted Garden is a definite departure from the laid back rustic charcuterie and cheese presentations that have been in vogue for the past few years.


This presentation also employs the three fundamental elements of great design: creativity, functionality and balance. Breathing new life into vertical floral displays, the tulips and amaryllis stems draw guests in without interfering with the culinary presentation. The presentation is evenly balanced throughout and is incorporated into the room without throwing guests off.


Try recreating this tablescape at one of your events to be simultaneously naturalistic and luxurious.

The Enchanted Garden

Materials Needed

Two 6' x18" banquet tables

One 90"x156" moss crush table linen

Ten 12" squares of slate

Sheet moss

Two 8" zip ties

Three hotel pans - 20 3/4" x 6 7/16" x 6"

Eight Oasis bricks

Three bunches white tulips

Three bunches white stock

Nine Amaryllis stems



First, fill the hotel pans with the floral display. Place Oasis bricks in the hotel pans and soak with water. Add floral stems to Oasis and cover base with moss. Make sure that your floral designs look balanced.

Then, place tables 6" apart, then add the linen. Add hotel pans with floral designs between tables, push together for snug fit. Lift linen and zip tie tables together on both ends. Then, cover the entire table in sheet moss (if dry, mist with water). Add slate throughout and place the cheeses and other culinary additions on top.


eNews October 2013

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