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July 26, 2012

Over the Top Tents

Dramatic design transformations turn tents into stunning venues.
Designers and the tenting industry are performing magic these days, taking four walls and a ceiling and transforming them into glittering ballrooms, cozy lounges and rockin' nightclubs. Here's a look at some of the latest innovations.

Starry, Starry Night
Transparent ceilings blend the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, opening the interior of the space to the heavens while still providing the comfort of indoors.

For the grand opening of the Virtua Voorhees Hospital in Voorhees, New Jersey, JR Global Events worked with Classic Party Rental in New York City to erect this 36,597-square-foot tent in the hospital parking lot. The clear top provided a stunning view of the towering new hospital from the reception area. An adjoining white top tent with seating for 1,300 and staging was constructed for formal presentations by the CEO and key donors.

U.S. Tent Rental Inc., based in Sarasota, FL, used chandeliers, draping and lighting to make the clear tent top a canopy for this glittering evening soiree. The 50-by-100-foot tent had open sides, allowing the surrounding foliage to become part of the setting. Photo courtesy of Damon Tucci Photo

Step and Repeat
Little tents can have big impact when grouped symmetrically and splashed with color and branding. Economy Tents in Miami, FL, which was recently acquired by Anchor Industries, specializes in frame tents up to 10 by 40 feet.

Tent Elegance
Glittering chandeliers reflect on the dance floor in this tent supplied by U.S. Tent Rental.

Dramatic Draping
Tent draping doesn't have to be white. For this corporate VIP event, Exclusive Events in St. Louis, MO. played the drama card with the company's colors, which were hues of blue and a touch of green. Twelve people worked nine hours to hang the draping. Exclusive Events also created the fabric chandeliers in-house specifically for this event. The tent was provided by Crown Rentals. Photo courtesy of Exclusive Events.

Event Solutions magazine
June/July 2012
by Ann Turner

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