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Caterease Software - The One Solution You’ll Never Outgrow

With 50,000 users all over the world, Caterease Software has something for everyone.  Small, independent operations love the program’s elegant simplicity and ease of use, while larger event planning companies are drawn to its sophisticated features that no other application can offer.  And with three different versions priced to fit any budget, it’s no wonder Caterease is the most popular program in the industry.

Caterease has something for everyone – available anywhere, anytime, for any budget and device. 

Ease of Use
With its wizards and customizable data-entry tools, Caterease makes booking and managing events a snap.  Users can create new orders or events in just moments – easily dragging and dropping menu items individually or in groups – and then email a completely custom event print with the client still on the phone!  Automatic notifications instantly warn of any potential conflicts, and changes can be shared automatically with the entire team via text or email.

With Caterease, each member of your team gets the details they need to execute their part of the event flawlessly.

Power and Sophistication
However, Caterease gives users the option to go far beyond the basic details of a simple event – with powerful tools to assist with even the most complex parties, including:

·       Event staff scheduling with automatic conflict checking

·       Detailed, scalable recipes (and recipes WITHIN recipes!) – with all ingredient items being automatically retrieved and quantified as menu items are selected

·       Detailed packing lists automatically calculated based on menu item selections

·       Beautiful, detailed venue diagrams that are linked directly to the associated Caterease event

·       Customizable reports and queries to track any and all important information

·       Interfaces to seamlessly share data with other existing applications – such as menu management programs, accounting programs and more.

Caterease provides the information you need instantly through a variety of advanced tools.

Mobile Access
Stay in touch with colleagues easily and access data anytime, anywhere from virtually any device.  Send user-to-user instant messages quickly through the program, or use the mobile app to have valuable information – including all event details, customer information and more – literally at your fingertips.  Even track important business details live in real-time from any browser using the slick sales dashboard.

While other programs offer limited functionality with no room for growth, Caterease allows its users to expand the program as their businesses grow.  Smaller operations can begin with a basic package to streamline and organize their business – and then upgrade to add additional features with just a phone call.  Although most catering and event planning programs can only take their customers so far, nobody outgrows Caterease.  And with literally hundreds of new features being added every year based largely on user requests – nobody ever will!

Caterease Software is the perfect solution for any catering and event planning operation.  With its user-friendly design and powerful list of features, Caterease stands alone as the leader of the catering software industry.  Nothing else even comes close.

Caterease Software

For 30 years, Caterease has been the leader of the catering and event planning software industry. While other companies have come and gone, Caterease has remained the standard against which all other applications are measured. With a proud history behind us and a bright future ahead, we are committed to continuing to provide our customers with the cutting-edge tools and exceptional service that only Caterease can offer.