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3 Ways Tech Can Support Your Client Experience

Technology gets a lot of credit for keeping our businesses organized, and our heads screwed on straight—and with good reason. However, it's not just an advantage for internal operations; technology also serves to enhance your client experience by optimizing touchpoints and simplifying their responsibilities.

There's no denying the importance of a well-rounded client experience, from the very first inquiry through to the post-event follow-up. To provide top-notch service, you need first to understand how today's client operates and engages with the world around them. They are increasingly tech-dependent and value convenience and instant gratification; they want solutions to their problems, and they wanted them yesterday.

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Fortunately, technology can deliver these solutions easily and efficiently. Here are four ways to harness technology to enrich your brand experience and keep your clients coming back for more.

Streamlined booking process

The sales and booking process serves as your first opportunity to wow a potential client with your virtual solutions, so take advantage and demonstrate how tech-inclusive your client experience will be should they book with you. For example, you might consider sending proposals and contracts through a digital interface to simplify the review and signing process. Likewise, holding meetings virtually might ease their concerns about connecting with you outside of a busy work schedule. The more you can infuse your booking process with tech, the more confident prospects will be about your ability to adapt to their preferences while working together.

Increased vendor collaboration

The best events are those with a cohesive team that can work together seamlessly. While you can't always account for other vendors' personalities, you can make use of digital solutions to facilitate easy collaboration. Project management software that updates in real-time allows planners, designers, venue coordinators, caterers, and other event pros to keep track of the event's to-dos and contribute in an efficient and timely manner. Many of these platforms can be shared with the client, providing them with an easy-to-use dashboard to monitor progress and respond to questions as needed.

Simplified payments

Thanks to online banking and smartphones, checkbooks are a thing of the past for most people. The ability to accept virtual payments is essential for any modern business, particularly those targeting Generations Y and Z. An invoicing software makes this process as simple as clicking a button, with the added benefit of automating the delivery of invoices and follow-up reminders. Rather than worry about who needs to pay and when, a great invoicing software will track every client's payment due dates and send reminders at the right time with virtually no effort on your end. For the client, this means quick and easy payments that are on-time and convenient.

Gone are the days of requiring in-person meetings, printing documents to sign and return, and paying with paper checks. We live in a modern world where technology influences every aspect of a person's life, from the recipes they choose to cook for dinner to the conversations they have with their loved ones. It makes sense, then, that their event planning needs would follow suit; as an event professional in today’s industry, technology is no longer optional if you aim to attract new clients and increase your booking rate. 


Nora Sheils

Co-founder, Rock Paper Coin

Nora Sheils is the co-founder of Rock Paper Coin, the first software platform to bring together wedding planners, couples, and vendors into one system for managing and paying contracts and invoices. She is also the founder and lead wedding planner of award-winning firm Bridal Bliss.