Steve Kemble's Sassy Picks: La Vie en Couleur Industry Awards

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February 24, 2014

Attend an awards show of a different color

Each week Steve Kemble has been making his picks for something happening at the show that he deems "SassFab." This week it's the industry awards, La Vie en Couleur. "I'm a sucker for anything French," Kemble says. "But more than this sassy title, the show, which will be at the Paris (bien sur) will be a sensory overload produced by Robb Thornsberry from Infinity Events." 

The awards this year will include the Event Solutions Spotlight Awards, the ICA CATIEs, and the Catersource ACE awards which portends a lively, industry-inclusive evening.

"And design inclusive as well!" Kemble adds. "I chatted with Robb last week and he and his team are planning to incorporate Parisian "punk" couture and over-the-top opulence. Love that! I'm looking forward to sipping cocktails under the Eiffel Tower in the "Garden of Crystals and Color Cocktail Lounge!"


Kemble and Robb also talked about the challenges of producing an awards show and more that Kemble shares with us here.

[caption id="attachment_5492" align="alignright" width="240"]Robb Thornsberry Robb Thornsberry[/caption]

SK: What can attendees expect to see at the show?

RT: It will be a true VIP experience in every sense of the word. The experience begins from the minute the VIP ticket holder walks in the room through the designated VIP entrance, immediately followed by custom photo coverage. Is the line at the bar too long for our VIP's to wait? No problem, because this year they have their own exclusive lounge with a separate entrance and bar that is attached to the main room where they can sit and watch the show.

Attention to detail will be evident everywhere, from the lighting and texture to entertainment. Expect some moments in the show where guests will actually become a part of the event!    

SK: What are some things you look for in an awards show that you are incorporating here?

RT: I watch awards shows religiously as homework and research and what I always want to know is how well they hold my attention and make me care about people I don't know winning the awards. I look for how they are able to entertain me in the process or how they use lighting and set design to tell a story. If it's done really well, those elements can even become characters themselves. It is my hope that those elements in this year's show will also play a similar role.

SK: What are some of the things about an awards show that are always a challenge?

RT: Awards show challenges are very different than any other type of event; mostly they involve starting on time, staying on time and ending on time. Awards shows are designed to acknowledge those who have exceeded expectations and have worked incredibly hard to get there so a lot of extra attention has to be put into making this particular event special.  Instead of worrying about one person on stage such as a keynote speaker or a CEO, you now have multiple presenters, winners and key people that must be taken into consideration when planning your timeline, your staging and direction as well as AV needs.  Perfectly timed choreography between audio cues, visual and multi-media elements, scripting, lighting direction and entertainment direction are all critical elements to a strong logistics plan. 

All of that being said, the most important thing to remember is that unless you are producing The Emmys or The Oscars, most of the people involved in an awards show are just normal people who may or may not have ever stepped foot onto a stage, much less spoken on a microphone or won an award. Anything can and often does happen.

SK: What are some of the creative challenges for you with La Vie en Couleur?

RT: More than anything, it's challenging the vendors involved to think outside of the box and without limits. We want them to explore ideas or elements that are new or unknown.This is a pretty jaded crowd so I am hoping that if we can inspire everyone with at least one new idea, then we have succeeded.

SK: Thanks Robb. I think I speak for all our readers when I say we are all looking forward to seeing the many new ideas you will be bringing to life on March 26 in Las Vegas!


We cordially invite you to join us at the industry event of the year! La Vie en Couleur Industry Awards Presentation will be held on March 26, 2014 during the 2014 Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow. You may add general admission or VIP tickets to your registration at any time.


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