Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Marketing – Beginning Today

Marketing your business can become a daily priority. Follow these tips to stay ahead of the game



When things are good, and business is going well, it’s a perfect time to focus on your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, it is also a time when you up to your ears in taking care of the day-to-day activities of the business itself.

Keep marketing a priority

During busy times, working on new business must remain on your radar and continue as planned. As hard as it may be, you must resist the temptation to justify putting your marketing efforts aside in the name of taking care of your customers. Trust me, I know the excuses that pop into your mind as you read this, because I’ve thought of them myself. But nothing, I repeat nothing, can ever justify stopping or even pulling back on your marketing initiatives.

The simple reason is that you’ve worked too hard to build your business just to see it all be put in jeopardy because your new business pipeline has dried up. As every experienced business person knows, the good times you may be experiencing will not last forever. You need to be prepared to weather whatever storm comes your way, so that your business survives and has a chance to thrive in years to come.


“As hard as it may be, you must resist the temptation to justify putting your marketing efforts aside in the name of taking care of your customers”


Five top tips

Here are five tips to help you stay the course and avoid excuses:

Tip #1: Search out new solutions: As a famous Roman philosopher, Titus Maccius Plautus, said, “You have to spend money to make money.” You might want to consider taking his advice to heart. When you’re at Catersource this year search out those companies offering innovative marketing solutions, new technologies or innovative services. Spending money now might help you make money in the future.

Tip #2: Measure results: Always measure your marketing efforts so you know which ones produce the best returns. Then if money gets tight, rather than cutting back on all your marketing, focus on only those areas that produce solid results.

Tip #3: Talk to a prof: Speak with representatives from your local college or university to explore the possibility of having their marketing or advertising students tackle your marketing needs as part of their learning experience. Many institutions of higher learning even have student-run agencies to help non-profit and small business organizations.

Tip #4: Team up: Consider partnering with another local business owner (not a competitor, of course) who is willing to share the cost of hiring a marketing agency to drive new business efforts. While your budget alone may not large be enough to justify an agency’s services, two companies working together just might do the trick.

Tip #5: Call or post: Finally, before the day gets away from you, make a commitment to do one of the following no- to low-cost things every day: Call a previously satisfied customer and ask for a referral, call a friend or former classmate and ask them if they know of any new business opportunities or update your social media platforms with a quick but impactful post.

About Donna Hansbury

Donna Hansbury has more than 25 years’ experience in the creative and print industries. As President of Ideaworks, she is responsible for overall management of the agency, building new business relationships and nurturing existing business partnerships with clients. Donna is Vice President of Finance for the Northeastern Pennsylvania chapter of the American Advertising Federation. She was recognized by the Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal as a 2016 Top 25 Women in Business Honoree.

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Donna Hansbury

President, Ideaworks Food Marketing, Plymouth, PA

Donna Hansbury has more than 25 years experience in the creative and print industries. Prior to joining Ideaworks Food Marketing, Donna served as President of Unigraphic Color Corporation where she was responsible for all senior management functions at the multi-million commercial printing company. During her tenure at Unigraphic, Donna helped the organization achieve double-digit growth by focusing her efforts in the critical areas of customer relations, planning/scheduling, vendor sourcing/...