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Goal-Setting During Recovery

It goes without saying that our goals for 2020 have drastically changed compared to when we set them at the beginning of the year, or even in late 2019. Now that we’re all feeling the brunt of COVID-19, almost all of us are working from home with events being completely shut down. It’s tempting to dwell on the negative, and it’s okay to even be scared of what the coming months will hold. However, we have to take this experience and think about the positives – including what action we need to take and the goals needed to be set to finish out the year on a strong note.

Pushing the reset button

Your forecasting for 2020 may have originally been to aim for a higher sales goal or a higher conversion rate for your proposals. Now, many of us are just trying to stay afloat. This means we’ll have to start from scratch as it pertains to our goals and effectively re-evaluate and re-assess what’s important to us.

Let’s start with personal goals. The reality is that you have to start with your personal goals in order to know what you want to do within your business, or as an employee of a business. Talk to your family about what needs to change, and even what needs to be measured in terms of metrics. With no money coming in (or considerably less), you have to consider what you really want from your career and start from there.

Again, metrics are going to be key here, and I’ve included a worksheet that looks at money, health, friendships, and connections. Then, it’s your responsibility to judge each in terms of security and significance as it relates to your new goals. 

Measures & Metrics Worksheet

Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility

The fact of the matter is that a lot of us had set goals, and there were no plans to deviate from those goals. Unfortunately, now we’re in a position where we have to in order to grow from this experience, and this means being flexible in every way we can. Be prepared for change.

For example, one goal to think about is: what was your exit strategy from your career or your business? Were you planning on retiring in X number of years, but now that’s more challenging due to current circumstances? These are important things to be mindful of, because even though you may have laid off or furloughed your employees, bills are unavoidable. So, we have to understand where that comes into play. Maybe we have to work a bit longer, maybe we need to build in another stream of revenue.

Your goals should also be conscious of your team, and the flexibility should continue there. Parents are homeschooling, after-school and daycare is closed, and juggling home life is going to be tough for a while as we begin transitioning back to life at the office. Because of this, don’t let yourself put so much pressure on achieving your new goals right away. It will take time!

What you should be looking at for the future

Everyone is eager to get back to work, but I can tell you that it will not be without some speed bumps along the way. Start your preparations now, and take note that technology and consistency will be the ultimate tools to have in your corner.

Think of new ways to work with your clients, and evaluate what’s worked thus far when it comes to meeting their needs. What can you utilize once events resume? One way we’re doing this with our clients is giving them the ability to schedule consultations online through our website. With a scheduling tool, there’s no back-and-forth emails or calls, and there’s always the option to book 24/7. We’ve noticed that the peak appointment booking times are from 11am to 2pm, so this has been instrumental in helping us secure more prospects and eventually book more clients.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider how communication with your staff will evolve, as well as how it already has. Personally, I love the Crew app. We can put our schedules on there, share documents, and assign tasks – all remotely. The chat room feature is also great to eliminate constant emails throughout the day. You can share positives, ask the group for solutions, and so much more.

All in all, if this pandemic has taught us anything in regards to our business, it’s that we should always be in a position to be fluid. This was an unpredictable crisis in every aspect, but many of us have taken the opportunity to expand our offerings and diversify our income in order to stand strong. Goal-setting for the remainder of 2020 is all about innovation and intuition. 


Lisa Krumm Anhaiser

Founder and President, LBL Event Rentals

Lisa Krumm Anhaiser, CPCE, and graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, is the founder and owner of Creating the Map for Success. She shares her knowledge with other businesses by educating via one-on-one consultations and speaking engagements. Lisa is also the founder of LBL Event Rentals in Houston, Texas, providing quality linen and event rentals to the area for over 20 years.