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Real World Savings with an Innovative Dishwashing Solution

When cups, plates, glasses, pans and trays come back to the warehouse all at once, there’s no time for sorting, and everything must be ready for the next event. More than that—the result must satisfy the highest cleanliness and safety requirements, because when it comes to the catering and rental business, sparkling clean washware and brilliant glassware are not optional.

Lucky for you, MEIKO tackles these challenges and brings the cost of cleanliness under control. We substantially reduce water, chemical and energy consumption using innovative warewashing technology, as demonstrated in our work with Rentals Unlimited.

Rentals Unlimited is the greater-Boston area’s premier rental and event company. Comprised of six offices spread across Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the company has expanded its inventory to include many specialty items, décor linens, fine china and crystal—always striving to bring the latest design trends to its customers.

The owner of the company, Larry Green, has built up excellent relationships with industry professionals all over the world. He started to ask people he trusted what warewasher they were using, and how it was working for them. Ultimately, his search prompted him to invest in and install the first M-iQ dishwashing machine in the United States. Since installing the M-iQ, Rentals Unlimited has been saving $105,174 a year:

$9,720 per year in detergent
$13,909 per year in water
$6,899 per year in energy
$74,646 per year in labor

The MEIKO project is a great investment, as Bob Bannister, director of internal operations at Rentals Unlimited, explains.

“The results we have seen after installing the M-iQ are almost impossible to believe. When I tell people the difference, I have seen they are a bit skeptical. When I think about what I am telling them I can understand their skepticism.”


“We now run one eight-hour shift six days a week in the busiest months of our season instead of the two-and-a-half shifts seven days a week. We have gone from consuming 1,760 gallons of water a day on peak days to under 600 gallons a day on peak days. With that reduction in water consumption came a related reduction in natural gas, electricity and chemical consumption. Despite the fact that our dishes can wait up to 4 days after being used before they are washed, we have a rewash rate of only 5 percent. We are also not pre-washing or rinsing those plates.”

The MEIKO M-iQ flight-type dishwasher used by Rentals Unlimited redefines dishwashing technology. Intelligent, innovative and efficient, the M-iQ provides maximum cleaning effectiveness, minimizes water, energy and chemical consumption, and dramatically reduces environmental impact. Additionally, intuitive one-touch operation and clear display symbols make operating this machine exceptionally easy.

When it came to finding the right fit for their business, Rentals Unlimited was impressed by the efficiency, user-friendliness and high quality of MEIKO’s M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine. The company continues to benefit from this innovative dishwashing solution — both financially and operationally.

Learn more about MEIKO’s cleaning solutions for catering and rental companies at

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