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The professional choice: Chef Rubber

For over two decades, Chef Rubber has been providing culinary professionals with the additives, colorants, ingredients, flavors, specialty tools and supplies to help them realize their creative vision. Founded on real-world experience in the culinary industry, we understand the importance of dependability, accuracy and timeliness that top chefs and artists require from their vendors, and we strive every day to fulfill those needs for our clients.

Photo courtesy of Chef Rubber.

For Food Service Professionals, we’ve got you covered! If it’s a wedding for dozens or a convention for thousands, Chef Rubber can supply you with whatever you need to perfectly present at any occasion or event.  With several hundred different styles of High Quality Ware to choose from, no matter what you’re dishing up, we are sure to have the unique & ideal style for an unforgettable event service. Let your imagination run wild with inspiring options, such as our earth friendly offerings. Bamboo and wood catering items are equally eco-conscious and eye catching to display your creations.

Photo courtesy of Chef Rubber


Propel your creations into new realms of intense taste with our line of  Savory Sensations! Chef Rubber is well regarded for what we offer practitioners of the sweet arts, but that’s not the whole story. Choose from one of our gourmet salts that will take your dish to the next level. With a variety of flavors to choose from like Ginger, Espresso and Thai Chili, we are sure to take your dish from “good food” to “WOW! Out of this world YUM!”  In fact our story is just beginning, imagine taking a bite of crispy, hot golden french fries, but what you taste isn’t the normal salty flavor you know, this has been taken to the next level, what your mouth can taste it: Buffalo Wings? YEP! With our Savory, Buffalo Wing Sauce powder, you can create the sensation. Bring to fruition unique dishes with our top quality savory powders like Balsamic Vinegar, Blue Cheese, and Jalapeño freeze dried just to name a few.

Photo courtesy of Chef Rubber

Think to look to Chef Rubber for your elements of success and inspire your senses. You can find the full line of Catering items and Ingredients on our website or give us a ring at 830-685-3156

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