Game Changing Prop Designs

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August 28, 2013


Atomic SuperLever

Using backdrops and props at events can enhance your design concept and create a lasting impression of the event. They can become a focal point of the space, add a dramatic accent to any room and bring the décor and overarching theme together into a cohesive look. Take a look at some hot trends and the newest products that will keep your events ahead of the game.

What’s Trending

Clients are often inspired by what is trending in the media and pop culture when they request specific themes or design concepts. We connected with Cynthia Buswell, Principal at Impact Group Scenic Arts Services in Indianapolis, IN to discuss trend forecasts in props and design themes.

According to Buswell, requests for designs are usually inspired by three different categories: the latest movies or TV shows, interior design furnishings and color trends, and exotic destinations.

At the Movies

The Great Gatsby has been one of the biggest trends this season leading up to the release of the hit movie in June. The theme has begun to die down, but we’re still seeing events across the country elaborating on the roaring ’20s. Superheroes, fairy tales and other mystical themes have also emerged as a trend with the release of Oz the Great and Powerful and the continued popularity of shows like Once Upon A Time and True Blood.

Buswell also foresees the ’80s coming back into style as TV shows The Carrie Diaries returns and The Goldbergs releases this fall. Following the trends in pop culture will usually give you a headstart on upcoming design concepts. “Don’t be surprised if Sharknado inspires clients!” states Buswell.

By Design

Bright colors have emerged as a common design concept this summer and will likely continue through the year with vibrant shades mixing with natural colors for fall and winter. Rustic wood and vintage themes have continued as well, however, contemporary furnishings are being added to bring a modern twist to the traditional concept.

Bright colors and natural hues combine for a unique palette

Bright colors and natural hues combine for a unique palette

From Far Away

Many clients are seeking culturally enriched designs from exotic locations rather than traveling to these destinations for events. Glamorous destinations such as Asia, Latin America, Africa and India are not as commonly traveled, which makes them perfect for culture-inspired events. “The exoticism of these destinations gives event designers license to use oversized props and total room transformations to support the theme, while caterers have the opportunity for “over the top” menu selections and catering presentations,” claims Buswell.

In addition to common themes, Buswell is also seeing a plethora of props being used as room accessories. Privacy screens, faux garden walls and bar fronts that look like furniture are becoming increasingly popular for events. Interior furnishings can be used to break up large spaces and create a contemporary look. Caterers are also becoming more inept to design functions and are consistently using props to visually support their presentation ideas. Working closely with the event caterer will help ensure the original theme or design concept is supported throughout the space.

Game Changers

The creative team at Atomic follows new trends pretty closely when it comes time to develop new products for their vast warehouse. When it came time to start refreshing their library, the group started thinking like their clients and realized that many event backdrops looked the same. Breaking out of the box, the team took to creating something unique that would stand out at their clients’ events.

The end result was two lines of completely new products that would change the game for backdrop design. Made up of interchangeable panels, the Modular Superlever and Modular Superzipper lines are completely unique to the backdrops rental industry.

Modular SuperLever

This creative new product line features blocks of adjustable tiles that snap into place to create a full or partial backdrop. At the recent Art of Catering Food conference produced by our sister publication Catersource, the SuperLever designs were used to line the entryway of the famed Electric Factory in Philadelphia for the Monday night party, A Culinary Concert.

Entry to A Culinary Concert using SuperLever and Superzipper products

Entry to A Culinary Concert using SuperLever and Superzipper products

Descending chandelier made of SuperLever panels

Descending chandelier made of SuperLever panels

The panels were also used to create a unique oversized chandelier that descended from the ceiling to showcase an acrobatic performance and can be used to create freestanding cabanas, columns and walls.

All white standing cabanas using SuperLever panels.

All white standing cabanas using SuperLever panels.

Modular Superzipper

The Superzipper is a line of unique drapery that can be mismatched to create an elegant and dramatic backdrop. The panels have an invisible zipper that allows the user to create doorways for easy access during set up or throughout the event for special entrances.

Superzipper panels from Atomic

Superzipper panels from Atomic

These new lines of products are becoming increasingly popular in events. According to Rob Barber, General Manager of Rental at Atomic, these two creative product lines are being used frequently for corporate and social events, as well as on TV sets. The wedding industry has also been picking up on some of the designs for an added touch of elegance.

Segmented SuperLever backdrops.

Segmented SuperLever backdrops.

“We don’t really rent backdrops anymore, we rent fabrics that make the backdrops,” states Barber. The impression thus far on the events industry has been great and Atomic is rapidly introducing new designs under these new lines to keep them fresh and available for events across the board.

If you’re looking for a new take on prop and backdrop rentals, these trendy features will keep guests talking and keep your clients coming back for more!

eNews August 2013

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