Moroccan Goes Mainstream

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October 19, 2012

There's something about lavish, ornate Moroccan décor that makes even the most traditional client yearn for a touch of the exotic. The past few years have seen an explosion of planners and designers who specialize in Indian weddings, which can last for days and include multiple celebrations and feasting for family and friends.

But Moroccan is no longer relegated to Indian weddings. The style has gone mainstream because one of its advantages is that you can pick and choose among a plethora of elements that make up the overall look, from rugs and pillows to lamps, lounging divans and draped fabric.

We recently discovered a new talent who has perfected the art of adding a touch of Moroccan, or going all out.

New York City's Prosper Lankry of Henna Decoration has designed 32 Moroccan events this year, ranging from weddings and mitzvahs to birthday parties and bridal showers. "Not all of them were lavish because many clients are on a budget," he says. "My job is to stay within the client's budget while giving them a night to remember for years to come."

Here's look at some of his work.

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