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Thank you.

In July, I sent out my annual survey of Catersource magazine readership. I like to know who we are writing for, what kinds of concerns you face in your companies, what you are most interested in reading about, the kinds of events you plan or cater, and thoughts on revenue. These cumulative answers are a goldmine of information in helping to plan future content.

The best part is the comments: I ask for written responses on a few things, but the best are those regarding why people like reading Catersource magazine.

So, I’m turning this column over to some of our readers. Maybe you’ll consider this the equivalent of boasting, but to me, I’m just a proud mama saying—“Look at these cool people who cared enough to open our email, click on a link, fill out a simple survey, and who also took the time to express their appreciation for a product they receive free of charge.”

So, here’s to you, my wonderful readers!

Thanks to the reader who said, “Catersource is one of my main sources for industry updates, current trends in the field and cutting edge ideas. I read each publication cover-to-cover and appreciate this resource! Thank you for realizing that the vast majority of caterers need Catersource... I am just one of them!”

Thanks to the reader who said, “Catersource magazine has been such a huge inspiration to me. I am still a fairly new caterer and the information I read from recipes, tabletop ideas, and articles from people in the industry make me want to be a better caterer.”

And thanks to the reader who said, “Catersource magazine has given me an opportunity to see how successful caterers succeed in their area of expertise. It also gives [me] motivation to think of other options for presenting our business to our regular customers as well as attracting new customers. Each issue of Catersource usually shows me at least one possible way to improve our service.”

Finally, congratulations to Loryn Coco (Embassy Suites, New Orleans, LA) and Byron Jordon (Smoky Mountain Barbecue, West Jefferson, NC) who completed the survey and were selected randomly to win an iPad mini.


In the print version of this note, I mentioned I’d add a few more comments. Well, here they are. And believe me—I received hundreds, so this is just a mere sampling.

I have been a Catersource follower for over 10 years. It has helped our business to grow and stay ahead of the competition and up with the trends. It is invaluable.

• Catersource does a great job bringing together all the pieces that event professionals need and puts them in one place with good information on how to coordinate it all together.

• I like Catersource because it has new and fresh ideas plus direct links to the people who advertise—I have gotten some great ideas for our own business from the publication.

• After one year in business we keep in touch with the magazine for ideas and guidance to help us grow into a positive catering business. The magazine will take us into the future of catering professionals.

• I read Catersource because it helps with understanding the industry—what the trends are and how to apply them by getting in touch with either the individual professionals or companies that have created the ideas.

• The information is current and relevant. Catersource gives me inspiration, and a platform to create my own ideas. I attended my first Catersource conference in Vegas last March, and it was truly life changing. I left with a renewed excitement for my clients, as well as a drive to make a difference with my new knowledge. Hokey as it sounds, Catersource has made me better at my job!

• Catersource helped my business grow by offering the professional networking that as caterers we don't always have time for or "trust" the locals to discuss. Some of the recipes, especially appetizers, have become my top sellers! Always being able to turn to Catersource for up and coming trends gives me an edge for attraction new clients for my business. Also, being a Chef Instructor, I use the website and magazine as an addition to material for my lecture and lab classes! Thank you!

• An extremely informative magazine! I love to read about other business others and their success stories! I have every single copy that I have ever gotten, as I always go back and read them for inspiration, I use the magazine to gain insight on the newest trends and to see what other caterers are doing to help and make my business successful.

• Catersource has been a wealth of information for those in the foodservice industry. It has inspired my competitive edge and continues to implement new ideas at work and in my own social events.

• [I’m an] Event Planner and this magazine helps to keep us informed of the new trends and food. Love this magazine.

• Its focus on food and culinary offerings within the bigger scope of "events" is specific and helpful - enjoy it tremendously.

Kathleen Stoehr

Kathleen Stoehr is the Director of Community & Content Strategy for Informa Connect | Catersource and Special Events magazines, including all digital content for both websites and e-newsletter products. She also vets, hires, guides and coordinates all live education at Catersource Conference & Tradeshow, Art of Catering Food, Leading Caterers of America Executive Summit, and bridge content at The Special Event.