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Enthused for infused

Upgrade your H2O with fruit & herbs

Healthful hydration aside, infused waters are trendy, delicious, and offer vital vitamin and mineral boosts. A bonus: presentation of infused water stations are generally gorgeous—near dramatic to look at!—and pair perfectly with those fabulous paper straws that everyone seems to want. Cost for infusing is low—much lower than juices, and unique combinations such as watermelon with rosemary or pineapple paired with grapes make guest interaction and choosing so much more fun.

Consider your ingredients

Experiment with varied combinations and colors to create a visual and healthful offering:

Blueberries: work toward ridding the body of cancer-causing free radicals

Basil: detoxification

Chamomile: relaxation, alleviates stomach aches

Cilantro: an anti-inflammatory

Cucumber: great for toxin removal

Fennel: for digestion

Ginger: almost too many benefits to list but among them nausea reduction, sinus clearing, great for aching muscles

Hibiscus: respiratory health

Grapefruit: Vitamin C

Grapes: great for circulation

Jalapeno: fat burning

Lemon: Vitamin C, liver cleansing

Lemongrass: cancer cell-killing

Mint: digestive aid, improves cognitive functions

Orange: regulates high blood pressure, beta-carotene

Peppermint: digestive issues, morning sickness

Pineapple: blood thinner, helps alleviate lung congestion

Rosemary: headache reduction, mood elevator, increases circulation

Thyme: an anti-inflammatory

Watermelon: metabolic boost, reduces blood pressure

Need some ideas on how to jazz up boring old water and make it tasty and vibrant? Here’s a look at some ideas from across the catering spectrum.


Centennial, CO’s Epicurean Group offered a refreshing water station, including cucumber mint infused water


For a bridal tasting, Becker Farms, Gasport, NY, offered a citrus-cucumber water (far right) with lemon, orange, and lime.


Strawberry water from Forum Catering, Baltimore, MD


For an unusual garnish, freeze a single cherry into a small ice cube, 

or stud cubes with pomegranate


A refreshing mojito-style mocktail involves mint and lime infused water.


 Water with generous chunks of colorful fruit from Arthur’s Catering, Altamonte Springs, FL. Note that kiwi does not impart a lot of flavor unless it has been allowed to steep for at least 36 hours, but its beauty cannot be denied. Garnish the drink with a colorful paper straw, and you’ll be golden.


The longer you infuse, the more the water will pick up the colors of the fruit. Peaches, raspberries, and strawberries combine to enhance a Mason jar wedding from Epting Events, Athens, GA.


Nate Cooper of Lyfe Kitchen, Chicago, IL, demonstrated various water infusions at the NRA show in May 2015.







Kathleen Stoehr

Kathleen Stoehr is the Director of Community & Content Strategy for Catersource, which includes print and digital content, as well as live education at both Catersource, the Art of Catering Food, and Leading Caterers of America Executive Summit.