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All the wedding trends you can't afford to forget

Like it or not, Pinterest (and other popular wedding sites and blogs) has changed the wedding planning world. Couples are finding more themes, more décor ideas, and more culinary concepts online—and they like what they see. Are these fads, or trends?

10 wedding trends to remember

1. Suspended décor. Dimension—it gives any display, event, or experience something extra that makes all the difference. Look for table-bound florals and suspended décor such as green garlands and baubles filled with moss and floral chandeliers. Also, a special shout-out to outdoor weddings and receptions hanging string lights throughout the canopy or trees.

2. Shabby chic theme. Yes, it’s still here! While this theme has been around for the better part of the early 2010s, shabby chic is still as popular as ever. It’s a light blend of rustic, which also doesn’t seem to go away, with hints of bohemian and vintage. While the details are important, they’re not traditionally over the top. Happiness and enjoyment—those are the key areas of focus. Simple, rustic, and chic!

3. Distinct directions. Gone are the days of “happy medium.” Couples have a vision and distinct direction—and they want to make it happen. Expect more concrete input, ideas, and suggestions, and expect more and more requests for unique everything, (i.e., presentation, plating, serving style). Thanks, Pinterest.

4. Drink stations. Fully-stocked bars are out, and drink stations are in! Couples want guests to get a taste of their personality, and they are doing it with flights of craft beer, shots of different bourbons, wine samplings, and specialty cocktails from their favorite vacation as a couple. Even samples of fizzy sodas are starting to buzz.

5. Cocktail parties. More and more couples are looking to turn their reception into a cocktail party-style celebration. These would be focused on food stations, passed appetizers, stationary hors d’oeuvres, impressive displays, and dessert tables. And, of course, a really great (and probably unique) bar selection.

6. Glamorous elegant theme. Glamour and elegance are coming back—glitter, glitz, white and gold, etc. Think “Old Hollywood,” but with a bit modern take. This leads nicely into the next wedding trend (#7) that also goes with the glamorous elegant theme.

7. Copper and gold. No matter what the couple envisions, from glitz and glamour to shabby chic, the two biggest accent colors will soon be copper and gold. Expect to see these colors everywhere on the wedding scene.

8. Traditional dresses with a twist. Wedding gowns are playing with the traditional concepts—expect your brides to consider off-the-shoulder dresses, tea length, and even colored gowns. Although that doesn’t directly apply to catering, it certainly will give you insight into your couple’s style that could potentially impact your menu and event planning process!

9. Color, color, color. Color is back with a bang! While the “white and lavender” brides will always be here, more and more couples are looking to make their wedding stick out by using bold colors (that’s right colors) to make that happen.

10. All-encompassing registries. Wedding registries are taking on any and all forms of wedding “help,” and the most unique registries are more sought after than before. On one hand, couples want the one-stop-shop registries that address the ever-changing needs and wants the couple might have. On the other hand, these days couples are registering for more than just special occasion items such as fine china and crystal. They’re registering for help towards their vacation fund, honeymoon and even upgrades to their wedding and reception. For example, BG Events and Catering has a unique wedding registry that lets couples register for upgrades to their reception and for guests to help contribute to their dream wedding!


From: Margot Jones of Purple Onion Catering (Vienna, VA)
Pictured: Elegant china, gold flatware, and floral with an ornate white tablecloth
Trend: Bold gold accents pop on a white tablecloth

[Attitude on Food

From: Nathan Newhouse and Melissa Tibben of Attitude on Food (Omaha, NE)
Pictured: Smoked shrimp and grits in gold orbs
Trend: Live action (orbs were filled with smoke from a smoking gun in front of guests), unique presentation and small bites.

BG Events and Catering (Boston, MA)

From: Ken Barrett of BG Events and Catering (Boston, MA)
Pictured: Baby iceberg wedge salads served in shaker containers
Trend: Mini martini shakers enhanced the cocktail reception.

CarteWheels Catering (Kerrville, TX)

From: Debbie Stein of CarteWheels Catering (Kerrville, TX)
Pictured: Champagne bar
Trend: Glamourous elegance in the form of a champagne drink station.

Ken Barrett

Executive Director, Broadway Gourmet, Boston, MA

Chef Ken Barrett began his culinary career with Compass Group North America, providing services for a flagship account. These experiences lead him to the position as an Executive Chef in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, 2002, serving VIP dining in opening and closing ceremonies, and the Medals Awards Plaza. Ken resides in Boston, MA where he has the distinct privilege of producing events with Boston’s most sought after event company, Broadway Gourmet. As Director of Events with Broadway Gourmet, Ken uses his artistry with a team approach to provide their clients with unforgettable cuisine, astonishing environments and exceptional service. Ken also enjoys providing education for the industry. His design aesthetic and creative...