The Key to Starting Your Own Trend?

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December 01, 2012


It's in the Details.

As a designer, I am often asked to share what colors, fabrics and details I think will be popular in a given season. The truth is that I tend to shy away from commenting on "trends" because I believe moments as intimate and precious as a wedding should reflect the personal style of the couple and not that of someone else.

Instead of following trends, I encourage my clients to assess their personal style and start their own trend. Not only is it more fun, but it's also a fantastic way for a couple to honor their bond and the life they are creating together. I have known many couples who have used some of the palettes, textures and fabrics they picked for their weddings as inspiration for their new home together. Here are a few tips for brides looking to personalize their weddings and ensure that their guests feel they are at a custom-tailored celebration.

Identify Your Key Elements

As a designer, it is my job to get into the heads of my clients. I like to find out what matters most to them--food, color, flowers, music or something else. I also like to find out what they don't want. I ask them to take a few moments to write down their answers to some questions and then think about what colors, textures, fabrics and designs really resonate with them as a couple--and go from there.

Wow Them With Your Tablescape
Tables are an incredibly important element of design. A room full of beautifully designed tables can make a statement all on its own, often creating an "ahh" moment upon entry. Being that the guests will initially spend most of the evening at their respective tables, it is essential that the design be warm, interesting and functional. In addition, well-designed tables offer hosts a wonderful opportunity to introduce aspects of their own personal style to their guests. Framed photos surrounded by candles, favored flowers in beautiful vases or small, sparkling adornments are all lovely ways to share the couples' personalities with loved ones.

Pay Attention To The Details
I love dramatic pieces, but it's often the small thoughtful details that make the biggest impact. Sparkling napkin rings, pretty votive candleholders and intricately designed table runners will all catch the eye and be appreciated by the guests.

Create an Element of Surprise
I like to have a surprise for my guests every 20 minutes. Perhaps it is a change in lighting, drinks being served in a dramatic way or a dancer performing mid-reception. In addition, layered details can be a lot of fun for guests. A flower hidden inside of a napkin that has been placed in a napkin ring is a fun surprise and an assembly of little floral arrangements in wine glasses can serve as little floral cocktails. Whatever you choose, try and keep things fresh and fun and guests will not want to go home.
As wedding planners and designers, it's our job to help make sure that the couple enjoys their special day. Helping them find their own trends is a great place to start.
Event Solutions magazine
Winter 2012 Issue

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