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August 01, 2013


Rentals Lead the Way

Savvy planners and designers know that one of the most trusted places to turn when looking for new and exciting ideas is to our favorite rental companies. These are the folks who have their fingers on the pulse of what's new, exciting and bound to become the next trend-setting designs in the event world. Here's a look at what's in store for 2013.

From Runway to Rental
Where do rental companies get their inspiration? Shereé Bochenek, creative director at Après Party and Tent Rental in Edina, MN turns to New York fashion shows each season to find concepts, colors and textures that will translate beautifully into the world of events. Here are some of her picks from the Spring 2013 runways.

Lovely Lace
The ethereal romance of Behnaz Sarafpour translates into tabletop decor with this Pewter Lace over Ivory fabric. "Pair it with silver tabletop and accessories. For floral, ivory calla lilies would be a perfect choice," Bochenek suggests.

Boho Chic
New York designer Mara Hoffman's original silk prints are a fanciful Bohemian mix of color and nature. Her brilliant use of layers and textures is reflected in this 22-inch Gypsy Chandelier, a conversation-stopper at events both formal and casual.

Perfect Plumage

Take a close look at the detail of Burberry Prorsum's trench coat, with tiny peacock feathers intricately overlaid into a delicate rosette pattern. Escape the cliché ostrich plumes in a vase, Bochanek suggests, and instead show the textural beauty of a peacock feather by placing it within reach of your guests.


Cuff It
Yves Saint Laurent and Oscar de La Renta are showing gold lace cuffs in a variety of tones and textures for spring. You can capture the same timeless elegance with this Copper Fizz 17-inch vase, the perfect focal point for a centerpiece or escort card table.

L is for Lavish
Nothing quite sets the tone for an event more than edgy new furniture styles that invite guests to gather around. Miami-based Lavish Event Rentals specializes in ultra-chic seating that brings the party to life.
Simple yet sophisticated, this mirrored gold collection was designed and built by Lavish and is expected to be one of their hot items for 2013. When embraced with white or colored lighting, the gold pieces take on a life of their own, seamlessly blending into the event surroundings.
Orb dining tables offer clients a sleek and modern round dining option in the standard 60-inch size. Custom designed and built in-house by Lavish, the Orbs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Requiring no linens, the Orbs look great all by themselves (which can save the client money). Or they can be paired with linens, which gives the client the opportunity to remove the linens while the event is underway in order to transform the venue without having to physically move any furniture.

Let's Swirl!
Florida-based Just Bars takes LED to the next level with their Swirl High Tops and matching bar stools. Inject a colorful twist into your event with glowing tabletops, made of clear acrylic with visible etched swirls. When the multi-colored LEDs hidden in the table are turned on, they phase between red, blue and green. Fun, and fantastical!

Vintage Still Rocks
Vintage is here to stay, and although mason jars and burlap have pretty much run their course, vintage furniture is still in vogue and will take its place at many weddings and special events in 2013. The look doesn't need to dominate the event--a strategic touch here and there makes its own statement.







Cinderella Fantasy
It's hard to believe that this was a last-minute wedding on a very busy holiday weekend, but Exclusive Events in St. Louis, MO was able to pull it off with style and detail. The couple's romantic vision was to bring a cloud of softness to the venue, with muted lighting and over-indulgent floral combined with the sparkle of Swarovski crystals.
Exclusive Events provided all the decor in the room, with the exception of the chairs and floral. They artfully concealed the less-than-attractive walls, hand-painted the aisle runner and backdrop, built the custom-made aisle arches, provided the staging as well as the candles and crystals, and topped it off with perfect lighting.

Blending Standard Items with Custom Touches
This high-end wedding for 90 guests took place at the family's summer lake home. The client's vision was to create a setting that would reflect the natural surroundings. "The design was all about the details," says Ankele.
After the ceremony, the guests were transferred by boat to another lakeside patio, where a food station was set up on a planked table resting on a stone fire pit. Trim and appliques enhanced the simple lines of the pieces and adding touches of elegance. All structures and décor was theatrically painted to look aged when in fact it was all less than a week old.

Elevated Luxury
Requests for head table elevations have changed in recent years, according to Nicole Ankele of Exclusive Events. "Clients are now requesting a much more organic look with soft muted earthy colors, and incorporations of branches and candles," she says.

The design for this head table was conceptualized on paper, then drawn in a drafting program, sent to the carpentry shop, and then to the artist/painter's shop to be scenically painted. The floors were also hand-marbled in paint.

A custom-sewn drape surrounded the room, and winter wonderland lighting brought the room to life, including moving snowflake images cascading down several of the walls. With 15- foot Christmas trees framing each corner of the room, the finishing touch was the hint of evergreen fragrance that wafted into the room courtesy of Exclusive Events.

Event Solutions magazine
Winter 2012 Issue
by Ann Turner, Editor


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