Innovative Escort Cards

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August 28, 2013

Finding your table at an event can be tricky when hundreds of guests are involved, but more and more planners are introducing ways to make finding your seat interesting and fun. Find inspiration from these creative escort cards and mold them for use in your events.


Handwritten assignments on leaves have been a popular design for events with a nature or Hunger Games theme.


These creative ticket ideas can be used for sport or concert themes, as well as circus-inspired events.

Other planners are using the escort table as a way to organize drinks. Like these ideas, you can use escort cards as drink tags then serve a signature drink at the entrance.

If your event has a consistent theme, try using a knick knack or staple item that encompasses and supports the theme.


With the excitement around Instagram, Facebook and other image sharing websites, using family photos and related products is a fun way to incorporate the theme for a photo-loving client.


And finally, using the event favors as escort cards can save time and money. By attaching the gift to their seating assignment you are ensuring that each guest receives a favor and that nobody's going home with multiples!

For more innovative ideas for your escort table, follow our board on Pinterest.

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