“Thank you, SEARCH Foundation”

A special events professional—and breast cancer survivor—tells how the foundation helped during a challenging time

I’m a Dallas-based special events professional who manages about 200 events per year. I’m also a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with one benign tumor and three malignant ones. In August of 2016, I had a lymph node biopsy and a mastectomy of my left breast.

Using credit cards to pay medical bills

The impact of the illness had a profound effect on my finances as well as my health, as I quickly met my $5,000 insurance deductible for the year. I needed to take six weeks off from work, but only four weeks were covered by my employer. I started to use my credit cards to meet doctor bills, lab invoices, and parking garage fees. When things started to catch up to me financially, a few event professionals suggested I contact the SEARCH Foundation. My application came in at 300 pages of medical records, double sided, and included an Excel spreadsheet summary.

Peace of mind

I was so grateful for work done on my behalf by staffers at the SEARCH Foundation home office. They were amazingly empathetic, efficient and communicative. After I provided the necessary application requirements, I received immediate financial relief. The SEARCH Foundation has given me peace-of-mind during a tumultuous time.

Moving forward

My recovery has been progressing, and I was able to begin reconstructive surgery in December, (three days after working the 1,700-person Crystal Charity Ball, which raises funds for children's charities in Dallas County). I’ve had two more follow-up reconstructive surgeries since then.

I hope that all catering and event professionals will remember to call on the SEARCH Foundation in time of need, and to let others know about the great work it is doing.

The SEARCH Foundation assists special event, meetings, catering and hospitality professionals faced with life-threatening illnesses or catastrophic occurrences. The foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are deductible as charitable contributions to the extent permissible by law. https://searchfoundation.org